Friday, August 11, 2006

Smell the roses Ride on Sun August 6, 2006

Riders: Theresa, Carolyn, Jae and John

Jae arrived just in time to start the ride, she and Carolyn led the whole group for most of the way thru Preston and the Testoterone group did not break away until Up-Chuck hill. John helped the ladies up the hill and kept us entrtained with various discussions the rest of the ride. He also suggested an alternate path down Whimbly to Jenks rd to avoid one of the larger hills on the White Oak Church route. The group rode strong and powered up any incline concentrating on spinning. We completed 25 miles and had our bagels and coffee long before any of the Testoterone group returned to give us the report on their eventful ride.

Monday John did get his diagnosis report and we are happy that he is officially is in remission! And ready to do more riding!

Mountain Bike Ride on Sat August 5, 2006

The Horse Dung Dodge

Ernest and Jon were there to keep Carolyn and Theresa company. Kevin again had to ‘work’… thought he was retired? Carolyn was looking forward to the Beer and Jon was salivating at the thought of soybean bars as there had been on the previous Saturday ride. But alas, the only thing close was the processed grain products left by the equestrian users of the trails.
Carolyn took Ernest’s bike for a test drive, which meant Theresa could ride her Trek, her back was very thankful. Theresa lead from the rear as usual, with a few opportunities to catch up to those directionally challenged.
There was some discussion of crank size, Ernest proclaimed that short guys have long cranks. Jon’s was short, but he claimed that the long seat post more than make up for it. With all this technical discussion the group rode the 20 mile loop clockwise with only a few short stops to let Theresa catch up.
Since there was no threat of rain it did seem like there were lots of Horseback riders and the road apples they left on the trail for us to dodge. None the less, a great ride.
Carolyn struck a deal with Ernest for the bike, not sure of the complete deal but I’m sure both parties were very satisfied and smiling!