Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mothers Day weekend and Time Trial

In attendance
Sheila Augustine
Jae Brainard – Matriarch
Kaleo Bullard – The Volcano
Elise Cobb – Popsicle, The Beast
Jim Cobb – The Rabbit
Ginny Davis
Lee Duncan – Sonic Boom
Jeff Giordino – Claim Jumper
Beth Gonzalez
Jessica Holland – Twin Peaks
John Majikes – Welcome back to the group
Marianne Mahn - #1 in the Bush
Erica Mancuso
Peng Mok – Welcome back to the group
Mo Percy – Welcome back to the group
Joe Pittman – Immortal Man
Robert Renke
Shawn Richardson – Dessert Flower – on his white FIXIE
Rob Robertson – Top Rookie
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa
Chris Stark
Todd Pechner – Slow Todd - Joining the group on the route

New to the group are the following riders.
Erin Cole
Danny Viason
Christine Vitron
Sarah Tacker

GOG was there to meet and great the riders, and to share his plans for the days ride route.

GOG had been discussing with several riders the concept of periodic time trials allowing riders to monitor their improvement over the course of the years cycling season.

GOG has 3 separate time trial routes each one increasing in distance and difficulty.
He had announced in the email on Thursday that the group would be exposed to the opportunity to perform a 2.2 mile time trial. First of the season and the shortest and easiest.

GOG described to the Thorns the planed route and where on that route the time trial would be conducted. He had previously described to Mother Theresa the route the Roses could do that would also place them at the start of the Time Trial spot for those who wanted to participate.
GOG informed all that he would be at the time trial location to help facilitate the recording of individual’s times as they conducted their self timed individual time trial.

The group left the parking lot late due to GOGs need to log who was in attendance, the signing of Waivers by those who had not yet done so this season, and to describe to the group what and how the days route would be conducted.

The Thorns were the first to arrive at the time trial location. GOG passed around a signup sheet for all to log their name and start order. He went on to remind the group that the course is not closed to traffic so they needed to ensure intersections were clear of traffic as well as sand and gravel that could create a hazardous situation during the sharp fast turns on the course.

With that the Thorns all readied themselves for the next 2.2 miles.

Here is the order of riders and their self timed results.
Joe Pittman – Immortal Man – 6:12
Todd Pechner – Slow Todd – 6:03
Shawn Richardson – Dessert Flower – 5:45 on a fixed gear bike – single speed
Jessica Holland – twin Peaks – 7:00
Jeff Giordino – Claim Jumper – 6:00
Erica Mancuso – 6:55
Chris Stark – 6:15
Jim Cobb – 6:24
Ginny Davis – 6:54
Robert Renke – 6:39.1 – to be exact
Elise Cobb – the Beast - 7:25 – with a broken wing. Still no healing of the broken collar bone.
Lee Duncan – Sonic Boom – 5:52
John Majikes – 7:00
Rob Robertson – Top Rookie – 6:42

Just as the Thorns were finishing up their time trials the ROSES rolled into the staging area.
They watched the last couple finish up. They observed folks gasping for air with strained looks on their faces. This sight generated a great deal of discussion within the ranks of the ROSES.

The Thorns provided limited rest for those just finishing their time trail before heading out to complete the 50 miles planed for the days total distance.

GOG turned his attention to the ROSES to ask who was gong first. NO one volunteered. All were talking like they did not want to put themselves through what they saw as the last couple of Thorns had crossed the finish line of their 2.2 all out effort. GOG remined the group that there will be several opportunities to do a Time Trial during the season with the value being the ability to compare their improvement over time.

“I will do it” announced Christine. This opened up the flood gates with almost all ROSES electing to do the individual time trial.

Here is the list of ROSES in order of start
Kaleo Bullard – The Volcano – 7:20
Christine – 7:05
Sarah – Foot Loose (got her name on this event) – 7:07
Peng Mok – 6:57
Danny – 1:30 – stop watch challenged.
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa – 7:24
Erin – 7:40
Mary Ann Mahn - #1 in the Bush – 8:30 – just recovering from Bronchitis
Mo Percy – 7:50
Sheila Augustine – 8:11

So how did Sara get the nickname Fool Loose?
After the time trial she mentioned she had a mechanical issue. Upon further investigation it was revealed that her cleats were loose. In fact her right shoe had only one screw holding the cleat and her left foot had two of three screws to hold her cleat in place. After moving one screw from the left shoe to the right (the shoe she uses to clip in and clip out) and then tightening all screws as tight as possible she was good to go, Aka Foot Loose.

The Roses completed 35 miles at just over 15 mph. All were pleased with their results.

This next write-up is an account from Lee Duncan as a ride leader of the THORNS for the days ride.
Classroom attendance
Jim Cobb – The Rabbit
Green Flash – aka Killer Bee – aka – Desert Flower – aka – Abominal Snowman
Sonic B-M
Joe Pittman - Mr Immortal
Jeff Giordano – Claim Jumper
Chris Stark
Not slow Todd

The Cookie Tossing Gran Fondo

The Thorns were ready to go on Saturday, and eager to participate in the Race of Truth AKA 2.2 Mile Prologue. It was a beautiful day and a great one for a ride. Things got kicked off with a right turn on High House and through the Cary Housing Projects. After turning a corner at the roundabout, not "slow Todd" was waiting and ready to pounce on the unsuspecting Thorns. With Todd in attendance, the ride continued through familiar territory and around the back country of Western Cary. The group used the opportunity to get warmed up and humiliate each other with select banter and one liners collected the week before on the internet and from e-mail forwards. As we arrived at the secret location, GOG rolled out of the Smit mobile and explained his latest creation. He knew he had some seriously navigational challenged individuals in the group who likely would have set off into the field if he hadn't intervened. "Go up there and turn right and then another right"--- "even Sonic Boom could do it he said"...a claim I knew was borderline.

The riders huddled up, signed the paper for order, verified their organ donor status and clicked their stop watch for the torture test. Off they went one by one with remarkably good organization. The course was off the beaten path with minimal traffic, 2 semi technical turns, a low grade incline and a nice hill at the finish. A great test of fitness. After everyone had finished and revisited their morning breakfast, the Thorns organized and set off on the second part of the ride. This included Holland Chapel to Big Woods..but first a quick stop at the Lystra gas station. After a sufficient break the riders continued on to Big Woods where we rescued an orphan cyclist who had been separated from his cycling group. We asked if he would like to join us and he agreed..but for a price..the Thorns insisted that he would pull us for 3 to 4 miles of the 7 mile route (and he did).

At the connection with 64, the riders were sufficiently beat but took a left and limped up to the adjoining gas station. This is when the Green Flash noticed that the helium from his tires was leaking and so he pulled out his trusty sack of tools and prepared for open tire surgery. A Thorn never misses an opportunity to capitalize on the misfortune of others, so the group made a number of jokes and criticisms regarding the mechanical capability of a fixed gear bike and so on. The Green Flash was having none of it and unleashed a couple clever uses of banter that he no doubt had been refining for such an opportunity.

With all the mechanical issues resolved, the group was off again down Ferrington road and headed for the gateway to 751 and home. All the riders took a turn at the front and made good time with not Slow Todd calling upon his time trial skills to challenge Team Thorn. As the group headed towards the Weldon Ridge / Cary Park area Chris Stark staged a very convincing attack that put great pressure on the Thorns. Not to be outdone.. Mr Immoral (correction Immortal) joined in and continued the pace as the group crossed through the decline of Cary park and up the other side. It was an all out sprint at the end with Immortal man victorious-- a well timed sprint to the finish. Turning on to Carpenter Fire Station the group kept the pace high to see if anyone would scream for mercy, but no one did. Turning back towards the Thorns and Roses clubhouse and on the territory known as Steve's Graveyard, the great Jim Cobb paid homage to the spirit of the road and put the hammer down. demonstrating solid conditioning and fitness. And to twist the knife a little more, Claim Jumper did a fantastic bait and switch at the conclusion of the ride on High House with a false start that motivated the group to accelerate to a rate of speed not sustainable, and the well timed trap allowed Mr Jumper to calmly ride by his victims after they gassed out.

A great ride for everyone with mileage in the 40 to 45 mile range at a 19 mph avg.

Too compare last time this route was done as a time trial search for OCT 10th 2010.