Saturday, June 09, 2007

June 9th Satrudays ride

In attendance:
Kevin and Theresa Smit
Steve Cope
Tim Travitz
John Majikes
Beth Gonzales arriving on Bike
Jae Brainard arriving on Bike
Barb a friend of Beth arriving on Bike

During the week Kevin received an email from Brian Farkas that he is still in California with his mother who has just gone thru a hip replacement.

Steve Cope learned from Brian’s sister that Brian is riding a bike every day during his visit. Look for Brian to return to the group in better shape than ever and act like he is not ready to ride only to blow everyone away (as usual).

Riders off on schedule at 8 am.

Both groups elected to ride the 32mile loop in a counter clockwise direction.
The pace was dialed in for each group based on the riders in attendance. No hard charging pulls or short attacks on tap today.
The ride was one that all enjoyed as the miles unfold smoothly in front of them.
John was telling the group how today was his last ride with the group for several weekends. He has to tear his bike down and ready it for the trip to California. John will ship his bike cross-country for the Diabetes ride with his Brother Matt on June 23 rd.
Tim was telling us about his job as Owner and President of a communications company. His company does commercials and creates promotional materials and media for several large firms in the area. Tim has recently moved into a new house and is biking between stints of un boxing belongings.
Steve told the group of some of the challenges he has had to deal with regarding family vehicles and hot water heaters.
A smooth ride finishing at a respectable 16 mph average for the 32 mile ride.

The ladies completed their 32 mile ride closely on the heals of the guys with and average speed of 13.2 mph. They debated stopping at Jeans strawberry patch to pick some strawberry’s but elected to ride on with Jae continuing to set the pace. The ladies turned off at Jenks to return to Beth’s house were they had started their days ride. Theresa rode on alone to finish at Brugers.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday June 3rd Rained out

The Smit's showed up and went home when no one else arrived at the start. Rain is OK if it catches you later on in the ride, not good at the start.