Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fast and Fun Ride

Thorn Account - Saturday, August 20th
write up provided by Lee Duncan - Sonic Boom

Fast and Fun Ride

Main Thorn Attendance -
Mr Love Train
Mr Cobb

Great ride on Saturday with 25+/- riders in general attendance.  There was much discussion on the route, but Tangen won the top prize.  The riders left the club house utilizing the Cary Parkway off-ramp.  Right out of the gate the group was moving along vigorously, excited about getting the morning ride underway.  The main Peloton would coalesce at each traffic light -- with a number of new folks trying out the Thorns and Roses experience for the first or semi first time.  

As the TnR members entered into the badlands of Apex ,the group started to assemble into normal form.  As usual, Shaun pulled at the front with bottomless power and energy.  On many occasion, and especially during the early escape in the back woods.. the Cobbmesiter pushed the pedal to the metal.  New upstart Steve (dude in green) was bestowed the feisty new rider award, making a number of escapes and accelerations that challenged the group and added a heaping serving fun.  Not to be outdone, Don-- a fairly consistent rider with the Thorns.. spent all he had with huge efforts, recovered , and then did it again.  A great rider and one with a lot of heart.  

The famous Love Train dominated on a number of flats and destroyed on the descents; many did all they could to keep him in sight when he pulled the trigger.  A wonderful new add to the Thorns, Mr Vick can hang with the best of them and has a wonderful positive attitude that keeps the Thorns well medicated on verbal Prozac.  Dean rode with the Thorns, and not only rode strong but exhibited excessively friendly tendencies throughout.  Lee rode his new bike and was thrilled to be out in the wild.

A great ride was had by all -- with no mishaps, no flats; just good clean cycling fun.  Did I mention fast!  53 miles at 20.3ish ave speed over hilly terrain.