Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Thorns N Roses shatter like fine crystal in the dishwasher

5 flats in two days.

Saturday June 11th.

Time Trail tucked into a challenging route. Lesson learned – Time trial is fun, everyone enjoyed it, but it should not be part of a fully featured route.

Those in attendance included;
Sheila Augustine – Total Recall
Doug Augustine – Rumble Strip
Cort Bennett
June Bennett
David Bridenbaugh – Mr. Bridenbaugh
Kaleo Bullard – The Volcano
Angie Chiatello – Has a new nickname based on her ride several weeks ago were the group had to cover her up with layers of jackets just to get her warm. Here new nickname is COLD BLOODED.
Jim Cobb – The Rabbit
Steve Cope – Capn Carbon, Chiwawa, Angry Chipmunk, the gnat.
Sondra Devincenzo – She was given a nickname on the days ride. This came about as a small group of cyclists were headed back into Cary after the ride. It was at the lights were Hogans Way crosses over Davis drive. This light is a long red light. GOG pulled onto the side walk and pressed the walk button. Still after what felt like 20 minutes the lights started to change. ‘We have Yellow” cried GOG. Just then Sondra rolled out into the middle of the intersection. The group still had red. The traffic on Davis had Yellow, and there was Sondra acting as well placed Traffic Barricade. So from now on Sondra will be known as Barricade.
Lee Duncan – Sonic Boom
Paul Estes
Matt Fowler
Jeff Giordano – Claim Jumper
Elizabeth Hardy - Now with a nickname. Ever since she first joined the group in early June she has been pushing the pace and distance for the Thorns. She loves to ride fast and is always willing to do extra miles if the chance arises. She is an OVER ACHIEVER, she BEGS for MORE, She TAKES IT and DISHES IT OUT. Hmmm which one should we use?
Patti Lewis – Patti Melt
Marianne Mahn - #1 in the Bush
Todd McBride – B3 (Best Bikin Buddy)
Elizabeth Partin
Mo Percy
Stephen Percy
Dean Rains
Mariann Ramsayer
Shawn Richardson – The Dessert Flower on his white fixie
Rob Robertson – Top Rookie
Ken Schuster
Paul Schmidt
Kevin Smit – GOG
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa
Alisha Woodroff

New to the group;
Cathy Busby – GOG’s Physical Therapist – she was able to get him back on the bike earlier than expected.
Kate Nell
Stacy Hogan - She did a slow fall to one side at a stop sign near the end of the ride. As she went down the chain ring took a good chunk of meat out of her leg. Another rider in the group had a band aid to cover the wound once it had been rinsed off. Stacy got a BOO BOO, and another nickname is born.
Cindy Avrette
Robert Smithson

GOG and Mother Theresa had spent time mapping a 61 mile route for the Thorns. They even ssaved the map as a pdf, and wrote in several turn by turn instructions. The route was shared in the Thursday email as well as posted on the blog. The route was designed to include a 5 mile time trial starting at about 17 miles into the days ride. The route was also engineered to allow the Roses to participate in the time trial and then head back to Cary with an expected 35 mile distance for the end of their ride. GOG did not calculate this very accurately and the Roses ended up with just under 40 miles total. This distance was the furthest ever completed by several of the Roses, and was their first ever time trail experience. The route was also designed to allow those looking to ride close to 45 miles the opportunity to exclude the section of road known as Big Woods. This proved to also be a miss calculation by GOG. Those turning back early from the Thorns route ended up with close to 55 miles. The Thorns who elected to continue onto Big Woods found themselves completing 70 miles finishing in the heat of the day. GOG could not figure out how the Thorns ended up do so many extra miles. He learned that the Thorns elected not to follow the route during the last few miles into Cary. When they were at Wilsonville they studied the route and realized GOG had thrown additional hills in during that last section of the route. However in doing so he designed the shortest possible way back into Cary from Wilsonville. By altering the route to eliminate the hills the Thorns ended up with several extra miles putting them at the 70 mile mark.

The group that assembled in the parking lot was so large that GOG had to delegate duties to others. He asked Top Rookie to help check in those in attendance. He assigned Mother Theresa the task of making sure new riders to the group signed a waiver. GOG had his hands full just trying to remember how to ready himself and his bike for the days ride. GOG was told he could ride by his PT trainer but he was asked to limit it to 20 miles. He would accomplish that by NOT doing the Time Trail, and by acting as one of the ride leaders for the ROSES.

Just prior to leaving the start GOG gave a brief description of the days ride including the time trial aspect of the route. He made sure anyone who wanted a printed copy of the route had one. Then the pack was off towards RTP. The first split in the pack happened within the first two miles as the leading group made the turn onto Morrisville Parkway and the trailing group were held up by traffic. GOG shouted up to those ahead to help us regroup at Lewis Stevens. Once there the entire pack was back together as they then made their way onto McCrimmon followed by a turn onto Church Street. From there the group wound their way thru a new development that dumped them out on its other side onto Davis Drive near Hobson. The group was then directed to make the left turn onto Hobson and headed towards Lewis Stevens in RTP. A left turn on to Lewis Stevens had the newly splintered pack headed towards Kit Creek and the starting point for the Time Trial. Those in the lead had been told prior to the start to hold up at Kit Creek and Lewis Stevens. The intent was to have all riders ride the out and back 5 mile route at a pace that would allow them time to observe the road and traffic situation. This would help them later judge for themselves how fast to ride thru corners and other potential hazardous areas. While the pack did this GOG waited on the side of the road in the shade. He had to limit his miles so by not riding the time trial route and not doing the time trial he would be eliminating 10 miles off the planed route for the ROSES.

As the riders returned to the start of the TT it was learned that Dessert Flower had flatted and others were there to assist him.

Once everyone had a chance to observe the route GOG asked them to sign in by groups. Those planning to do the full 61 miles would go first, followed by those planning to do 45 miles, and lastly the ROSES would sign up. GOG explained where the start and finish lines were for the TT, he also made everyone aware they needed to time themselves and he would record their results. The group did a fine job of organizing its self and starting the event. Then GOG noticed Mr. Bridenbaugh was preparing to stage for the event with a flat front tire. “DUDE did you know you had a FLAT?” he asked. Total discuss suddenly appeared on Mr. Bridenbaugh’s face. He immediately went to work to change his flat.

GOG once again settled into the shade to wait for the first rider to finish the TT and to provide their results.

Here are the results shared with GOG in order of sigh up; (these can be compared to the times from last year’s TT in early December at this location, and will be used to compare to the next time the group does this TT again in a couple of months).

Name,  Time,  Last years time

Cathy Busby 16:50

Jim Cobb 13:55 15:18

Liz Hardy 15:49

Paul Estes 15:02

Rob Robertson 14:49

David Bridenbaugh 14:12 14:15

Jeff Giordano 13:17958

Kate Nell 17:00

Chip Smithson 14:30

Paul Schmidt 15:15

Doug Augustine 15:02

Ken Schuster 15:52

Alisha Woodrof 17:30

Dean Rains 15:00

June Bennett 16:50

Cort Bennett 16:05

Mo Percy 17:45

Marianne Mahn 19:00

Cindy Avrette 18:00

Patti Lewis 3 others passed her

Shawn Richardson 13:01 13:51

Lee Duncan 13:18 13:54

Upon completion of the TT the groups were each sent on their way. Dessert Flower, Sonic Boom, The Rabbit, B3, Top Rookie, Capn Carbon all working together to lead the Thorns on the finishing touches of the planned 61 mile route. Mother Theresa would lead those looking to follow the Thorns at a slightly slower pace and who planned to turn early with an expected distance of 45 miles. GOG was then ready to lead the ROSES on thru their final miles back to the start/finish in Cary expecting to complete 30 -35 miles.

It was soon after all three groups headed out that the Thorns and Stems shattered into many pieces.

Rumor has it that Capn Carbon and a few others peeled off after the climb on Upchuck. It was at this same location that Dessert Flower had yet another flat, and he and Sonic Boom made the smart decision to turn back since Dessert Flower had no additional space tubes. Mother Theresa’s group remained in tact all the way to Lake Jordan and back to the start finish even though they ended up completing 10 extra miles than advertised. The Thorns made it to the gas station at Lystra. There was a debate on whether to continue on the planned route or to turn back at that point. Several folks followed B3’s lead and headed back down Martha’s chapel and on towards home. The Rabbit, Liz (Begs For More), Top Rookie elected to attack Big Woods. With their altered route near the end to eliminate the planed hills they completed 70 miles finishing in the full sunshine and heat of the early afternoon.

Sunday June 12th

Two more Flats.

The days route is the CSH route in reverse allowing those looking for extra miles to jump in with CSH as the Thorns N Roses are headed back and CSH is headed out of Cary.

Those in attendance included;
Natasha Bosch
Jae Brainard – The Matriarch
Jim Cobb – The Rabbit
Steve Cope – Capn Carbon – on his carbon fiber bike – no steal is real for him today.
Liz Hardy – Takes it and Dishes it Out, Overachiever, Begs for More…….
Perry Hurt – P.O.E.
Marianne Mahn - #1 in the Bush
Todd McBride – B3 (Best Bikin Buddy)
Shawn Richardson – Dessert Flower – on his white Fixie
Rob Robertson – Top Rookie – on his Fixie
Paul Schmidt
Suzy Schmidt
Kevin Smit – GOG
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa

Folks new to the group included:
Roger Ehrlick – Got his nickname even before the ride began. Read on to learn what his nickname is.

The group was almost fully gathered and prepped for the days ride when one of the riders reminded Jae that Jae was supposed to bring a spare bike for her. Jae immediately dropped everything, climbed into her car and headed back home to fetch the missing bicycle. As she headed out of the parking lot everyone heard a large POP. Roger was standing next to his old School Steel Frame touring bike when the front tire blew. There might be a nickname in this for Roger – BLOW OUT. Perry – P.O.E. sprang into action. He pulled out his tire irons, a spare tube, and a CO2 cartridge. He then efficiently changed the blown tube for a new one, inflated it and had Roger ready to Roll.

Those who wanted to ride the RTP route with Jae elected to hang out until her return. Those looking to head towards Lake Jordan were ready to go. GOG released the group just as Jea – The Matriarch rolled back into the parking lot with the spare bike. The two groups said their goodbyes. The Thorns N Roses had split even before the first stroke of the peddles.

Those riding towards Lake Jordan knew the route very well having done it many Sundays. The concept is to ride the CSH route in reverse so those who want extra miles can jump into the CSH ride at its 5 - 10 mile point.

GOG was riding near the middle of the pack in an effort to keep an eye on those in the lead as well as those trailing. As the group entered the round About in Preston they were met with Police and banners, and road cones. It was learned that the neighborhood was having a fun run for the kids. The cyclists were guided around the event, however no one realy paid close attention to the instructions, least of all GOG. He found himself at the front of the pack once it was released by the police. GOG had no clue what the detour instructions were and rode straight onto the course. Luckily the even had not started yet so no harm was done. The group at that point had been joined by another cyclist who was headed out for a solo ride. She looked to be a very serious rider, one who could give the Thorns a run for their money. As she started to chat with the group she commented on Dessert Flowers Bike. “What a Gorgeous Bike, I love the white”. “Yea he has lots of Pretty Bikes” GOG responded.

The group paused long enough a the Big Chicken to confirm all were to make the left turn towards High House. This was the next serious split in the group. The new solo rider, Dessert Flower, Capn Carbon, The Rabbit, B3, Top Rookie, and Begs for More all sprinted on towards High House, and points beyond. Those left behind included, Mother Theresa, #1 in the Bush, Blow OUT, GOG, and P.O.E. Even that group splintered before the first turn. Mother Theresa was setting a strong pace with #1 in the Bush right on here rear wheel. Blow Out and GOG were behind them and P.O.E was falling behind. GOG kept a close eye on P.O.E knowing he always turns back early. Suddenly P.O.E was observed slowing, stopping, getting off his bike, leaning down to check on something and then darting off the road into the woods. GOG pulled out of the line and turned back to see if there is anything wrong and to see if P.O.E needed help. Out of the woods darts P.O.E, hopes on his bike and continues on the route. GOG slows and does another u-turn to ride next to the trailing rider. “I had to rescue a baby Turtle” P.O.E informed GOG. “Once on a ride I did not stop to rescue a Turtle and ended up with two flats one after the other”. “It was a signal to never ignore the turtle, ever since then I have always rescued a turtle from the road if I ride by. I have not had a Flat since” P.O.E proudly announced.

The group slowly came back together before heading down High House and crossing Davis. They formed a nice single file draft line as the road narrowed on Green Level. Just as the pack was preparing for the climb up to White Oak they spied three of the Thorns alongside the road fixing a FLAT. This was the second one of the day and the 5th one of the weekend. GOG slowed only enough to ask if they had everything they needed and to tell them he and the others would mossy on down the road. ‘WE are Good” was the cry from the splintered Thorns. Those working on the flat included; Top Rookie, B3, and Beg for More. It was her tire that had the flat.

GOG and his band of riders continued their climb up to White Oak, with Mother Theresa leading the charge. They all made the turn there towards the T intersection at Luther Shop. The Thorns N Roses were now split into 4 groups each with 5 or less cyclists per group, and each group with a least one person acting as ride leader working to ensure all were accounted for and taken care of.

As GOG and his pack completed the run on White Oak they found the leading Thorns all poised at Luter Shop looking to regroup with their fallen friends. The solo rider had apparently enjoyed riding with the group but could not afford the time to sit and wait with the group. “The others are behind us fixing a Flat” GOG informed the awaiting Thorns. “You guys might as well take off so you can jump in with CSH before they head out this way”.

The three remaining Thorns sprang into action and were soon out of sight.

GOG and his group continued the route towards Lake Jordan. Mother Theresa pulled the group at speeds over 19 mph the full length of Martha’s Chapel. A short break a Lake Jordan was followed by a strong run up Kevin’s Crawl ending with the sweeping turn onto Holland’s Chapel.

It was a smooth ride back towards Cary as the group elected to head into town on Green Hope High School road. This was followed with a short cyclocross over the train tracks. The group then wound their way back into Cary retuning on Crabtree Crossing. They completed 31 miles at about 16.5 mph average. GOG was definitely feeling the last two days of biking having been off the bike for over 6 weeks.