Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring Fling and Easter Sunday

Spring Fling Saturday April 3rd

Organized ride to help raise money for MS.
Morning bagels and pancakes greeted the cyclists as did music, warm temps, and bike shops with free quick maintenance for those needing it prior to the ride.
Kevin and Theresa arrived at the start along with Carrie Zelna (Mother Goose). They arrived early in hopes of a relaxed start to the days ride. Easy check in process was provided for those who had registered early and a streamlined process helped those who were showing up to register on the day of the event. As the three walked around the venue they encountered other Thorns and Roses riders. Rob Robertson was there as were Christy Miller (Pink Triassholete) and two friends she brought from work, Deb Hollis (Two Saddles), and Joe Pittman (Immortal Man) were also discovered prior to the ride start. During the ride Shawn Richardson (the Green Flash) and David Bridenbaugh (Mr. Bridenbaug) were seen riding together having started at the normal location and time for the Thonrs and Roses. They were headed back into Cary as the Spring Fling riders were headed out of Cary on Green Level. It was learned later that those two riders did a 40 mile ride averaging 19 miles per hour.

Safety was a key component in making the days ride enjoyable. There were two separated mileages each with their own route and start time. The organized ride provided Motor Cycle support that was in constant communications with EMS, Bike repair and sag wagon vehicles. Morrisville police were there to help usher all riders safely onto and thru the major intersections. There was a rest/aid stop every 10 miles. The route was designed to keep motor vehicles at a minimum. Kevin and Theresa have made this early season organized ride one they have done for the last 4 years.

The route was easily followed with painted marks on the road, and small signs posted along the way. There was one situation at the corner of 751 and Luter Shop where the Police Officer was incorrectly directing riders to make the turn onto Holland Chapel. The route actually was to continue straight on 751 to Mount Pisgah. The Policeman’s mistake impacted (Pink Triassholette) and her friends as well as Rob Robertson. They benefited by completing 57 miles to everyone else’s 46 miles.
At the end of the ride there was a lunch with Chicken, vegi, or Beef Burritos from MOE’s, Ham or turkey sandwiches, chips, soda, and water all available for the finishing cyclists.

Easter Sunday – April 4thBeautiful sunny day.

Kevin and Theresa arrived early and secretively were hoping no other riders would elect to ride. Kevin was really feeling the prior week as he had ramped up his biking from periodic short weekend rides to having ridden Wednesday with OMV, Thursday with the Slow Spokes, the Spring Fling ride Saturday, and now maybe a Sunday ride. He does not recover very quickly and needed the reset. As the clock ticked slowly towards 9 am Kevin spied a car entering the parking lot with a bicycle tucked into the rear seat area and a rider in full biking apparel.

About that same time Berry Hurt arrived with his biking cloths on and announced that there were a couple of others behind Brueggers readying themselves for the days ride. Kevin and Theresa gathered themselves up and headed to the car to ready bikes and themselves for a Sunday recovery ride. In the parking lot joining them were
Berry Hurt
Shawn Richardson – Killer Bee on his black and gold fixie
Greg Robitaille – a Racer who rides mostly in the North Raleigh area and knows Capn Carbon.
Both Kevin and Theresa knew they would be riding together and would see the back side of the other three riders only for a short time until they were out of sight.
“Are any of you planning to join the CSH ride as they head out of town and we are heading back” Kevin asked. Greg was very interested in getting the extra miles but was not planning on riding really fast having ridden for more than 7 hours in the last two days. “I will jump in with them as well” announced the Killer Bee. “I am happy to just complete our planned ride” chimed Berry.

Kevin recognized he needed to describe the route and turn everyone else loose.
Kevin and Theresa acted as sweep and had no opportunity to scoop anyone up during the planed route. They saw Greg and Killer Bee both as they had hooked up with CSH just outside of Cary Glenn. Upon arrival at Brueggers they noticed that Bery’s car was missing and assumed he made it safe to the start finish point.