Sunday, March 30, 2008

End of March brings different challenges for each rider

March goes out like a lethargic Lion.
accept for John Majikes

here is some of his adventures for that weekend followed by our weekend ride write up.
John writes:
Kevin, I rode up to Richmond on Thursday/Friday.180 miles in two days.
So I am planning on doing the Gulf of Mexico/Lake Ontario trip in June 2009.

Had my GPS Edge 705 battery go out
Had 3 flats in 60 miles
Had four rotwhilers chase me once
Had two pit bulls
State Troopers didn't stop for me when I was fixing a flat.
But a nice young lady did.
Lots of good stories so that I don't keep telling the same ones over, and over, and over, again.


For the rest of the weekend riders (not worthy of the challenge that John put upon himself).

The sky was gray, the wind was building in intensity, the temperature was expected to drop. Not a great day for a bike ride.
In attendance were Steve Cope, Kevin Smit, and Todd Pechner all representing the Testosterone riders. Those making sure the ‘Smell the Roses” riders were represented were the diehards Theresa Smit and Jae Brainard.
The riders all applied layers of clothing including leg warmers, arm warmers, booties, and jackets. The pack left the parking lot at 8:30 am sharp even without Ron’s atomic clock to announce the official start time. Today’s ride starts off with the wind hitting the riders from all directions.
As the group worked their way through Preston the pace and heart rates slowly increased. Steve Cope was not his normal Chihuahua self. Google definition of a Chihuahua (A pint-sized canine with a macho streak). Steve was struggling as many do with the high pollen count. Theresa was also being affected and was constantly stopping to blow her nose. Steve’s biggest issue was not a runny nose but a severe head ach.
Todd was ready to attack – recover and attack again. Today he would have to attack imaginary riders as Kevin is never in shape enough to participate in the game, and Steve was too miserable to make the game interesting.
Early in the ride each of the Testosterone riders took turns at the pull helping protect others from the wind and keeping the speed at or above 20 mph. As UpChuck hill approached Todd asked Steve if the $100 stage win was still in effect. (Steve has consistently suggested that Kevin pays the winner of the climb a financial reward. In the beginning the suggested amount was $10. This then became $20, and now this season apparently it is $100 to the winner of the climb on UpChuck hill.)
Steve’s response was YES as he sprung out of the saddle and scampered up the hill. His explosive climb had him cresting the hill with Todd only at the half way mark, and Kevin just beginning the climb. Steve then waited at the top circling like a bird of pray waiting for fresh meat. This was the last attack of the day from Steve.
He was trying to cough up a lung, and his head was in so much pain he had turned ashen white. Clearly Steve was not feeling well at all. Todd took full control of the rest of the ride. He knew he was not going to be able to attack as usual so he elected to challenge himself in another way. He took the lead and Pulled the other riders along for the majority of the rest of the ride. He charged head first into the wind allowing Steve and Kevin to fall in line behind reducing their work load significantly even at the stiff pace Todd set. The group covered the route that put them on the familiar roads of Martha Chapel, Farrington, Horton Pond, Luther, and Green Level.
On Horton Pond road Steve Cope looked to the other riders and apologized. “I am sorry that I have not verbally abused you Kevin, and that I have not responded to Todd’s aggressive riding, I am just not feeling like myself today, This headache is killing me.”
“It has been rather boring”, was the reply from both Kevin and Todd.
The riders did elect to mix it up towards the end by turning onto Wimberly and the hills that would challenge them in these final miles of the days ride. The sky was still gray, the wind had increased exponentially, and the Temperature felt colder due to the increase in wind velocity. As the group climbed the long steady hill of Wimberly they began to feel drops of rain. By the time they finished the climb drops became and ever increasing mist. As they turned onto Jenks road the mist turned to rain.
This is also were the riders encountered the Dumb Ass Drivers of the day. As they rode single file battling rain and head winds one gentleman decided he needed to let the group know they did not belong in his lane let alone on the road. He passed the group maintaining his full rights to the lane at speeds that were above the posted limit. As he passed he gestured to the group to get off the road.

What emotional – Mental process takes place in the brain of a mature adult who uses a 6,000 lb vehicle to send this message to others balancing on skinny tires on a 16 lb vehicle?

I wish one day a policeman would observe this behavior and arrest the individual and charge them with attempted murder by use of a lethal weapon.

The riders continued their quest towards the end and with a turn off of Holt and onto Jenks Carpenter Rd they encountered another individual who did not believe Bicyclists belong within 100 ft of his space on this planet.
This individual felt compelled to honk at the riders as he turned left into his sub-division.

The riders were confused by his actions since this driver was never delayed and never even had to share any section of the road with the cyclists. Must have just been a bad DAY (blame it on the weather).

The rest of the ride had Todd peeling off from the pack at High House and Up Church road so he could ride home. Todd had ridden to the start and was now only blocks from home at the end of the group’s bike route for that day. Kevin and Steve finished the run down High House and into the parking lot where it all began that gray day. A strong ride even with stiff head winds, cold, rain, and a sick Steve Cope.

Lets all wish Todd a great race on April 12th when he participates in a local sprint series Triathalon.
And lets also all think about Christy Miller (Pink Tri-atholete) who will be participating in a full ironman Triathalon on April 13th. Full ironman is 2.25 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run.
Clearly something to do on a day when you have nothing better to do with youself.

WE expect them both to enjoy the experience and share thier stories with us.

Sunday March 30th was to be an organized ride with the North Carolina Bike Club.
Cold and Rain kept our group from attending. Clearly a fair weather ride organization.
Our priorities are
Easy workout
Easy Workout

In no specific order.