Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mothers day weekend Ruled by Moms

May 12th and 13th bike rides.

Saturday’s ride was very relaxing.
Smit’s arrived late to the start only to notice Ernest sitting impatiently ready to ride. Ernest was joining the group for the first time this season. He has been riding but mostly his mountain bike. He had ridden to the start from his house a full 2 miles. The Smit’s slowly ambled their way toward the restaurant on their quest for the mornings coffee and a bagel to share. Once inside and seated the three of them noticed Sarah Powell emerging from a new car. As Sarah approached the restaurant it was clear she too was in need of the morning coffee. We learned that Sarah first tested out the car to ensure she could load her bike into with as much ease as her old car. This clearly demonstrated that Sarah had her priorities correct. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE BIKE. As we sat there and chatted the sky began to slowly open up with first a sprinkle and then some rain, followed by a down poor. The decision was made to abort today’s ride. The group was both sad to miss the ride but very happy we were late getting started and in doing so missed being caught out on the road in a rainstorm. Once coffee and bagels and conversation was the Smit’s loaded Ernest’s bike into their van and gave him a dry ride home.

Mothers day ride.
The women rule the day again.

Smits arrived well ahead of the start time. They got their morning coffee and began the process of waiting to see who joins them for the days ride. First to arrive was Jae Brainard. This will be her first ride of the season with the group. Jae has been riding; this is just the first opportunity she had to join the group this year. We then spied Sarah Powell in the parking lot preparing her bike for the ride. Once all assembled in the restaurant Jae announced to the group that she had discovered a route that reduces the climb of upchuck to a more kindler gentler climb. She reported that the new subdivision has an entrance at the bottom of upchuck and then slowly winds in and around with an exit at the top of upchuck. A longer but more relaxed climb. The group also announced that last week we found a way to avoid upchuck as well and wanted to explore Jae’s discovery. As the clock approached 8 am it was clear that this was to be a Mothers Day ride with on tag along Dad.
Off the pack rode with the ladies in the lead. Jae set the pace early with Sarah chasing her to tell her all about her new riding techniques. Theresa was close on their heals with Kevin lagging behind. The group closed up ranks as they left the Preston neighborhood with Sarah pulling the group along at a solid 17 mph. Sarah’s strong pull lasted well past Green Hope High School and splintered the group. The pack regrouped at highway 55 and Fire Church Station Road. Again Sarah took the lead with Jae right there challenging her for that lead position. This is Not the Smell the Roses I had expected. We were covering the ground at 17 to 18 mph. On toward upchuck. As the group closed in on the hill Kevin rolled on past (gravity and weight are friends on the down hill – not so much on the up hill). Kevin rolled past the entrance to the new subdivision making the decision to brave the climb. Right behind him each of the ladies glided into the subdivision electing to explore the diversion around upchuck. Kevin rode on past the top of the hill only to do a u turn to see how they enjoyed the new by-pass. Smiles we seen on their faces even as they talked about how tough that climb still is. Again the group assembled into a nice pack this time Theresa was taking the lead. She pulled the group along to the T intersection at Yates Store and Green Level. As she approached the stop Kevin directed the group to take the right rather than left. She immediately jumped into the lead again.
Kevin and Sarah and Jae were pushing hard to match her pace. Theresa did not look back as she continued to pull away from the pack. We were now doing 18 to 19 mph. Theresa’s pull lasted the entire stretch from the top of up chuck through the right turn clear until our left turn headed back towards Cary. This pull was more than 5 miles in length. Theresa was never known for charging down the road with that much energy, fire, focus, and determination. Later it was learned that she had elected to jump ahead because she was having an emotionally challenging day. This was Mothers day and Kassel was in her heart and head. She rode on ahead so she could cry.

The rest of the pack, Kevin included, had no clue Theresa was struggling with this emotionally charged day.

The ride continued after the turn on Green Level Church now with Jae in the lead. She pulled a good portion of that section with periodic lead changes by others who would attack the hills. Left on Wemberly and again Sarah took the lead only to have the fat man coast past her on the long down hills. On the pack rode with the group being splintered on the long section along Jenks. This is a long gradual climb back into civilization usually with accompanying head winds. We wound our way back to the start.
A strong, fast paced 30 miles by all riders.
The Smit’s could not stay and chat. They had to mail several hundred letters with information about the Kassel Smit “Make a Difference” fund raiser. Today was the last day to mail before the postage went up.
On the way home from the post office they saw COACH. He was on his bike. He was headed towards his house. We can only assume he needed to ride hard and felt the group was unable to accommodate his pace, or he knew the ladies were ready to push the pace and he did not want to be beat by the Smell the Roses Riders.
Kevin and Steve Sparano have been in touch with the Hibernian team for the MS150.
Kevin and Theresa have joined the team and have booked rooms in a cool Condo/apt complex in Oriental for that weekends stay. Kevin and Theresa have stayed here on several occasions. They like Oriental for the laid back boating atmosphere. This is where they charter sail boats from. Remember their 30th wedding anniversary sailing adventure write up?

Any way the Hibernians team goal was to have 60 riders. They have already achieved that and are currently the second largest registered team for the event. I asked the organizer of the team if she would want me to invite others even though they have made there goal for 60 team members. She would very much like to have me extend the invitation to you to join the team.
Please follow the links below to register and get a discount as well as a team jersey.

There are some critical deadlines that you need to be aware of so I am including one of the team captains latest emails content.

We will be placing orders for jerseys on May 28th. If you are considering joining the team you will want to register soon to get your free jersey in a size that fits you. This is a $60 value. The attachments show what the front and back of the jersey look like.
Team members from last year can order a 2nd jersey for $45. Many of you have already done so.
If you will register now, you can save $5 off your $35 registration fee by entering the discount code of "DC1". This discount can be used by anyone that is new to our team. To register now, click on the link below.

Pat McCray
Team Captain