Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tim's new Machine - impromtu ride June 30th

June 30th Saturday impromptu ride.

This Ride was spurred on by Steve Sparano. It was his email to the group that allowed the ride to take place. The shear bravery he displayed in generating this email forced the Smit’s to delay their trip out of town to participate. Well done Steve.

Others that elected to join in on the fun included Steve’s wife Carolyn. We also ran into Tim Travitz. Tim was sitting patiently in his vehicle waiting for others to assemble. He did not exit from his vehicle until Steve Cope came storming into the parking lot in his VW Thing.

Steve Cope jumped out of his vehicle to unleash his Vitus bicycle for the days event. At that same time Tim pulled from the back of his vehicle a Brand New Cervelo all carbon aero dynamic frame with high end components.

Tim needed a new bike. As you may recall we first found Tim sitting at the corner of 751 and Horton Pond several weeks ago. When we stopped to see what we could do to help this stranded biker we learned that he had broken his chain. Clearly a cause for a new high end machine.

The group all provided the appropriate level of oohs and ahs at the new machine.
Let me take that back. All the guys provided proper levels of oohs and ahs, the ladies treated this new marvelous machine with the same enthusiasm as another night with their husbands. Very Ho Hum. In fact they did not even look at nor recognize this beautiful piece of engineering. Again the same reaction their fine tuned male counter parts receive every day and night.

The pack was slow to start. It was Theresa that everyone was waiting on. She was not in the correct spirit for the days ride. Slow to get out of bed, slow to get dressed, slow to get in the car (Kevin had everything loaded and ready to go early), Slow to get her coffee and bagele at Brugers.

Once Theresa was ready the pack took off for the ride. Within ½ mile Theresa was already falling far behind the group. Kevin was riding near the front on his classic Jeffrey Bock Touring machine when someone in the pack announced that Theresa was no were to be found. This did not slow Kevin or the pack. Carolyn slowed and turned back to make sure Theresa was OK. The pack never heard from them again until the end. On the four gentlemen rode. Steve Cope on his Vitus, Kevin on his touring bike, Steve Sparano on his carbon fiber framed Giant with Triple Chain Ring (girl gears according to Cope), and Tim on his BRAND NEW CERVELO.

The pace was smooth and reasonable the banter was at its normal levels. Steve Cope made it clear that he has not been able to buy a new bike even with all the flats he has had over the years. He was truly in awe of Tim who was able to justify a new bike due to a broken chain incident.

The ride continued as it usually does along roads that we now can ride blindfolded. They have fixed some of the worst holes along fire station church road.

As the group approached Up-Chuck everyone took tight control of the handle bars. Legs tensed as each rider took the most streamlined position possible for the short fast downhill. Each checked to see what gear they had selected for the attack up the hill and the jockeying for position was on.
Kevin was not sure what to expect from his heavy touring bike. This bike was built to carry lots of camping gear. In the late 70’s and early 80’s Kevin rode this bike fully loaded with a weeks worth of camping gear, food, tent, sleeping bag and a Bike trailer in tow that had the family pet (a Doberman Pincher) across Iowa for a week.
Clearly a bike built to take lots of weight and pull heavy loads.
Now the perfect bike for carrying Kevin’s Massive size down the road.
The Hill was now upon the group. Steve Cope and Tim took charge of the attack followed closely by Steve Sparano. Kevin shifted into the Third chain ring on the crank set and slowly walked up the hill letting the gear ratio work for him. Kevin’s heart rate actually slowed as he progressed up the hill using the 1980 engineering of small chain ring in front and large chain ring in the rear. Modern technology has nothing over the solid physics of pulley systems engineered in the time of the Pharaohs.

Once at the top of the hill the group turned right and slowed to let Kevin finish his slow steady climb. On the group rode towards the left turn onto Mount Pisgua Church road. The group found this road beat up with lots of black top exploded into the road due to heavy construction vehicles. The group elected to avoid the long pull on 751 by turning left at the top of the last hill and then a right on Barbee Road. This route has no traffic and lots of small rolling hills that then dump out onto Luther shop road. As the group approached this intersection they could see riders traveling at a high rate of speed along the intersecting road. Steve Cope immediately jumped out of the saddle in a pavlovian response to take chase. The group had to call him back and explain that the rider he was about to attack was traveling in the opposite direction that they were about to travel. Steve wiped the saliva from his chin and nodded with acceptance of this revelation. He then announced that ”Man Law” says we must take chase and attack and destroy any riders ahead of the pack. Tim with his new light weight bike was laying in wait for the proper time to demonstrate Man Law on a bike.
The group turned right and headed towards 751 and the strawberry patch corner. Once at the strawberry patch the group swung right onto 751 and lined up for the immediate left hand turn . This is the intersection that has the Large Yacht being refurbished in the farmer’s driveway. It was here that Steve Sparano announced that his wife Carolyn has ridden by this several times and had never seen this monster boat. Kevin also acknowledged that his wife had never seen it, even after telling her several times about it. Let it be known that we later learned that the Ladies did see it on todays ride. They now know it as the boat next to the Junipers. WHAT JUNIPERS ?

The group sailed on past the yacht each one guessing the size of this large water vessel. Kevin suggested it is over 60 ft. Steve Cope said 100 ft (size matters for Steve). The others just nodded to both as if it might be between 60 and 100 ft.
The pace continued steady as the group rode on towards Farrington Farms road. A left on Farrington Farms and another left onto Horton Pond Road. Everyone was feeling good and the pack stayed together.
This is where Kevin normally begins to fail. Steve Cope recognized that and explained to the pack how he had rode with the Spin Cycle crowed last Saturday. This was the A-Ride group. They have no sense of humor and do not tolerate newbies that can not keep up.
Steve told the group that Saturday’s ride was 60 miles at 22 to 25 miles per hour. Steve did a stellar job holding on for more than 45 miles of the ride, taking turns at the pull. Steve bonked hard on that ride and now knows what Kevin deals with each time he rides.

On the pack rode up and over each rolling hill on their way to the corner of 751 and Horton Pond, the infamous corner where the group fist met Tim with his broken chain.
Once at the corner Tim smiled in recollection of how that day justified his new Bike.
On right at 751 and then left onto Luter. The group rode on strong enjoying the fact that all riders were doing well. Just as the pack gathered steam again Tim and Kevin noticed a large Turtle in the road. Each pointed at the animal to ensure no one ran over it. Steve Cope pulled up and circled back to rescue the animal. The pack slowed and looked in total shock that “Steve the Animal” had a heart for slow moving creatures. Tim was heard saying “I hope he doesn’t get bit”. Kevin asked “who the turtle or Cope?”.
The pack reassembled once Steve had rescued one of natures slowest and oldest animals on the planet. Maybe there is hope for Kevin, also one of natures slowest and oldest creatures. The group was still in tact at the corner of Luter and Green level. On right towards the right turn on Wimberly the pack continued with ease. As a pack they continued the banter and chit chat that can only be sustained by Steve Cope. He has the ability to solicit response from others that requires far more than a nod or a short yes no response. The group remained intact during the climb up Wimberly past the water treatment plant to the corner of Jenks and Wimberly. They swept left onto Jenks and rode strong towards the city limits of Cary. Across 54 and left onto Holt the pack progressed towards the corner of Old Jenks and the long gradual hill that lay ahead.
Here the pack again readied for the attack on the long climb. Steve, Tim, Steve, and Kevin all set up their bikes for the long gradual climb that lay ahead. Kevin remembering the slow steady climb of Up-Chuck made the decision to fall toward the back allowing the other lighter weight bikes and riders to duke it out. As the climb unfolded the results remained the same. Steve Cope and Tim challenged each other with Steve Sparano hot on their heals. Kevin was quickly falling behind but his heart rate remained low. Left turn at the top of the hill sent the group towards High House and the sprint home. The pack was close together up to the light at Davis and High House when Steve Cope took to the high gears and high RPMs. He hit 40 miles per hour and had spun out on his highest gears just as Tim Zoomed passed still pushing his 53 / 11 gear combination. This was what Tim had saved for and had planed to dominate Cope at the point when Steve felt invincible. Tim’s plan was falling into place only to be stifled by the light at the bottom of the hill. The group all entered the parking lot at burgers together. This has not happened in weeks, and can only be contributed to the fact that Steve Cope did not have coach or Brian there to egg him on. Another great ride with great friends and lots of abuse.