Saturday, March 24, 2007

March 24th MS 150 warm up ride write up

What a great ride
What a great day.

The MS 150 training ride was well done by the organization that sponsored it.
They had the route well marked, each rider was provided Que sheets, and there was minimal traffic as well.
The route allowed individuals to make a last minute decision of riding 24 or 31 miles.
After the ride there was Great Food, and MUCH BEER, or sodas.
The weather started of cool and cloudy and ended up with bright sun shine and record temps as the ride was ending.

We had a strong representation of riders in attendance.
This list included.

Janet Gregg and her husband.
Janet and I worked together at CP&L several years ago.
It was great to see them at the start of the ride.
Janet has asked to be included in the emails and we may see them soon at one of our weekend Unorganized rides.
She told me after the ride that they rode a total of 18 miles.
She also informed me that they were glad to have ridden the ride.
This is a great start to a fun biking season.
Looking forward to them joining us.

Ron and Tracy Clanton on their tandem.
They rode so strong we only saw them at the start and again at the finish.
Rumor has it that they turned off early and circled back so they could WIN.

Kristine Harkness
She rode very strong and steady visiting all they way with a prior MS150 team mate.
Kevin passed them at least 3 times wondering how they kept getting ahead of him.

Steve Sparano
He was suggesting we all form a team for the MS150.
Design our own jerseys and call ourselves the Ohhh Shiiift team.
Lets us know what you think of this idea and we will begin working on it.
We are already informed that there are no hotel rooms left and we may have to camp, or stay a few miles away from the start.
Reply all with your vote.

Michael Huckabee and his wife Charmane (I spelled it wrong).
This was her first ride with our group. She rode very well. She spins at high cadence, just like Lance Armstrong. She along with her husband Michael, and Steve Sparano all rode in a tight pack throughout the ride. On many occasions they were spotted chasing down and passing the groups ahead of them.

Sarah Powell
Sarah is one of the most dependable participants of our weekend rides.
She is Ms. Positive.
Always with a smile and high energy.
She rode a strong steady ride with only one extra stop at Burger King to visit the rest room. She rode with Theresa Smit through out the ride. They both drafted the Hiberiann team looking for some one from that team to pass them a water bottle. Rumor has it that the water bottles were filled with beer from the team’s Irish Pub sponsors.
Sarah was all smiles at the end having completed an awesome ride and finding a beer tent with free beer. WAHOO>.
Truth be told we all took advantage of the free BEER.

Theresa Smit
Upon arrival Theresa Hugged one of Kassel’s Scouting Buddies.
Mr. David Nadderman.
David has been a solid contributor to the biking community as well as a strong supporter of the Smit Family. David was there representing the Bike Shop that he works at ( Trek Bikes of Raleigh)
He happily pumped up tires, tuned riders bikes, and greeted each rider with his appreciation that they were there to ride and support a great cause. Mr. Nadderman has always impressed me with his mature attitude towards life and efforts towards making a difference. We are happy to announce that he will be getting married in October of this year. Kassel will be looking down on that event and trying to figure out what type of prank he can pull on David.

Theresa and Sarah rode the ride visiting non stop as they rode.
Kevin passed them also at least 3 times and each time was trying to figure out how they kept getting ahead of him on the ride.

Kevin Smit
Kevin was again choosing to ride his 1979 classic bike built by a frame builder Jeffery Bock from Ames, Iowa. This is the same bike builder that built Theresa’s road bike.
The classics never die, they just slowly decay, much like their proud owners.

Kevin started out slow near the back of the pack. As the ride unfolded he began to challenge himself to push the peddles harder and faster. He was out to do a solo ride among 300 other riders. Not much intelligence displayed in that decision. When you have a crowed of other riders you should always slip in behind someone else and draft them. Kevin rode much of the ride with others sucking on his rear tire. At times he was pulling groups along at a steady 23 mph against the wind and uphill. Yet he found himself passing many of the same people several times. This should be a topic of study in a physics class. How is it that an individual works hard, appears to go faster than others, and ends up passing them again and again. One event that may have contributed to this time warp was the crash Kevin had at the ½ point. The route had a very strategic rest stop and turn around point at about 13 miles. Kevin had slowed down to make the right hand turn into the parking lot. Upon entry into the driveway a rider in front turned sharply and stopped in a manner that completely blocked the entrance. Kevin hit the brakes, turned in the direction to parallel the rider, and worked feverishly to pull his cleats out of the pedals. No Luck. In slow motion he teetered for and instant only to fall on his right side. In doing so he pulled his shoes apart from the soles, leaving his cleats still in the pedals and the upper part of his shoes still on his now bare feet.
Sorry Dude, You OK. And off the rider went.
Kevin was now in problem solving mode.
Does he ask for a ride back to the start, ride bare footed, steal someone else’s shoes, or ?
Sitting on the picnic table along with bananas, oranges, and other goodies was a role of the best product ever produced by mankind, A silver role of wide Duct Tape.

Kevin began the process of wrapping duct tape several times around the toes, arch, and heal of his exploded shoes. He made sure that this did not interfere with the mechanism of pedal and cleat. After a quick test to ensure both feet could clip in and release Kevin was again headed down the road. In just a few feet he stopped again as his rear detailer was making more noise then normal. Upon further investigation he concluded that the back tire had shifted in the chain stays. He released the quick release, realigned the rear wheel, tightened down the quick release and jumped back on the rode. Kevin continued to try and push solo with one group from the TarWheels drafting for over 7 miles. At about the 21 mile mark Kevin made a wrong turn. He soon discovered he was finishing the ride as if he was doing the 24 mile rather than the 31 mile route. So back to the last intersection to make the correct turn for the 31 miler. A little extra never hurts – too much.

A great ride was had by all.

At the end of the ride we also met up with Gail Del Greco. Gail has not yet ridden with us on our weekend rides but plans to in the near future.
Upon visiting with her we learned that she left her house to drive to the start about the time the ride began. So she got a late start. She still finished about the same time Kevin did. Again this needs further study. Maybe Kevin was approaching the speed of light. That is when time slows down or comes to a stand still, and it allowed every one to pass him as his time was suspended.