Saturday, September 03, 2011

Marathon Event

This write up provided by Lee Duncan - Sonic Boom (a Thorns percpective).

Saturday morning brought clouds and cooler weather upon the Thorns and Roses. As the cycling event came into session - the Roses and Thorns leaders considered the plans for the day. The Green Flash stepped up and exhorted upon the troops that we would try a "modular" cycling event (what the).. Because the earth moon and sun were in alignment -- and the conditions fair, we would try to attempt a Century ride. Upon this announcement, a harmonious gasp was echoed through crowd. Each looking to each other (and holding their young ones tightly) confirming in disbelief the words uttered from our dear leader.

Yup, a Century was planned where the Thorns and Roses would shoot for a non classical out-and-back.. making use of upchuck and the uphill side of Green Level West. Each modular unit would swing back to the Thorns and Roses club house to let tired riders off at the school bus stop. People could choose their own adventure and proceed to their vehicles upon the successive cycling eclipse. Very innovative.

The party people hoped to their bikes and pealed out to start the event. About 30 riders joined the mass - which looked like a mini CSH group as they aligned themselves onto the Highhouse freeway.

As expected, the fun hit maximal velocity during the first loop. Many new people, young and not-as-young where partying like it was 1999 + 12. All riders were dumping watts, and spilling processed oxygen. In fact, it is fair to say that the riders were about half cooked 15 miles into the proposed century (a proud moment in non economy). After we got this out of our system, the riders commenced higher levels of communication and social hazing which was a lot of fun.

Ultimately the group half life-d each successive mile post 30; until only 3 riders remained.

A great ride, no major mechanicals, no issues and a great change-up to our normal riding protocol--bravo.