Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 14 and 15th weekend rides

Saturday June 14th Cup and Cone MS 150 training ride.
Riders assembled for the days ride included.
Ron Clanton
Steve Cope
Davin Perkins
John Majikes
Tim Travitz
Kevin Smit
Jae Brainard
Theresa Smit

John was eager to let all in attendance learn that he has ordered a new bike and was waiting on its delivery. So today he was riding his BlowOut Special.

The days ride had two routes with the longer one coving about 50 miles and the shorter being 25.
All riders took the longer route cue sheets in anticipation of a longer ride. Theresa and Jae planed to follow the 50 mile route but then alter the ending allowing Jae to return in time for a scheduled appointment. They also calculated the time such that they could finish their route about the same time everyone else finished the planned 50 miler.

The group assembled for the ride brief and any special announcements the ride organizers (Misfits bike club) needed to make. One of the more important safety announcements had everyone practicing the proper hand signals with the turn signals being provided by the left arm just as the NCDOT specifies.

The group was off with Davin, Tim, John all leading the charge.
Several early stop lights had the group splintered early.
John Majikes was with Davin leading as others were working to get through the lights to join those in the lead.
As Kevin, Ron caught up with Davin and John they saw John pull off to the side of the road. “Go on I am OK” yelled john. With no hesitation the trailing riders continued their efforts to regroup. Theresa and Jae were somewhere behind the others and would likely be able to join John and the three of them could ride together was what was assumed. This was the last time anyone saw John on the ride until all had finished.

Kevin was starting off having a bad ride. His sweat management issues were already in full bloom. Clearly Kevin had not hydrated property for the days heat and sun. Ron was being supportive as he rode close to Kevin pulling him along to help keep him close to the leading riders in the group. Those doing the work in the front were Tim, Davin, and Steve Cope with each rotating to take a turn at the Pull Position.

The route included sections of RTP and associated area’s of Morrisville. At about the 10 mile point the route became conjoined with the groups standard weekend ride route. The riders now found themselves on Fire Station Church Road with Up Chuck soon on the map. The group had by now swollen in size through the motion of passing other bikers who would slip into the draft line. One of those was a rider named Josh. Josh ended up riding the entire route with the Testosterone riders. We look for Josh to return for future weekend rides. The group worked well during the entire pull on Fire Station Church.
A left onto Yates Store now had the group all planning their individual attacks for Up Chuck. Steve Cope once again took the climb. This was accomplished in a made scramble as Kevin had zoomed past him just as the grade of the hill reached its max. Kevin’s momentum was not sustained as he quickly saw the speedometer change from 33 mph to 3 mph. At the top the route turned right and headed toward Mt. Pisgah road. There was no turn there however with the route staying true all the way to 751. This section of road forced a single file draft line. The group maintained a solid 19 mph climbing the grades of 751 to the turn at Martha Chapel and one of the three rest stops. The group stopped long enough to refill water bottles eat ½ of a banana, and let Kevin deal with his sweat management issues. “Tick Tock” Ron was calling to the group in an effort to ensure they did not become too comfortable.
Back on the bikes the Testosterone riders and their tag-alongs were now powering down Martha Chapel towards Lake Jordan and the left turn onto Farrington.
The cue sheet continued to describe the normal weekend ride route for the “Testosterone” riders. The route deviated at the corner of Green Level and Green Level Church with the Cue sheets directing the riders to stay straight on Green Level which turned into High House at the edge of Cary. Once in Cary The Cue Sheet had the riders turning left off of High house and onto “Ron’s Pull” taking the riders past Green Hope High school. The Route turned right just shy of the end of that run and wound thru neighborhoods to join the earlier roads of the days route signaling the end of the days ride.

The “Testosterone” Riders swung into the parking lot just as Jae was seen headed towards her appointment with bike on bike rack and a big smile on Jae’s face. This was a solid signal to all that she had enjoyed the days ride.

Once in the parking lot the riders attended to the task of loading up their bikes, changing into dryer clothes, replacing biking shoes with Tennis Shoes. Just as these tasks were being completed someone in the group noticed John Majikes car was still there. The “Roses” riders had not hooked up with John. Each rider was slowly gaining concern for what might have happened to John. All riders started looking around as if John would magically appear. As the concern continued to build the group noticed a lone rider swing into the parking area. This rider had a great bid smile on their face, and as the rider slowed all saw it was John finishing safely.
The group learned that John had stopped early in the ride to adjust the speedometer pick up and its magnet. They were heard hitting together early in the ride and John did not want them to end up malfunctioning. This early stop and a missed turn by John prevented him from catching up to the “testosterone” riders keeping his ride that day to a solo event. We also learned that later John noticed his rear wheel was not property aligned in the drop-outs causing the wheel to rub on the breaks.

Once all riders had stowed their bikes it was time for ice cream served by the members of the “Misfits“ bike club.

The “Testosterone” riders completed 50 miles at an average speed of 16.5 mph.
The “Rose’s” completed 30 miles at 13.6 mph average.

Sunday June 15th ride.
In attendance
Ernest Davis
Ed George
Steve Cope
Brain Farkas
Tim Travitz
Kevin Smit
Jae Brainard
Theresa Smit

The days ride can be summed up as Jae’s “Testosterone” ride.
The group spent the first half of the ride working to keep all riders together in a draft line. Theresa and Jae both stayed in the fray as the group worked its way to the attack on Up Chuck.
UP Chuck was taken by Ernest with Steve Cope doing his best to close the gap created early in the attack by Ernest. The group could see Steve congratulating the victor with a jubilant High Five.
Jae set up her own attack on UpChuck and was close to overtaking Kevin as she threw her power into the attack.
The group rode on as Theresa and Jae stopped to take a breath and recover.
The “Roses” stop on occasion to get off their bikes for a quick recovery.
The “Testosterone” riders do their recovery by standing on the peddles and coasting for a short period.
In an effort to continue to keep the “Roses and Testosterone’s” together the lead group circled back to pick up the stopped riders. Jae responded by again working her way into the middle of the pack. Theresa was doing her best to also stay in the safety of the pack’s draft.
This section of the road had rolling hills stitched together resulting in splintering the group and splintering them again with the crest of each hill.
The bikers followed the route as it headed towards Luter Shop. The “Testosterone” Riders had slowed the pace to 11 mph in hopes to have the “Roses” regroup once again.
The turn onto Luter Shop had the “Roses” still trailing forcing the Lead riders to continue to restrain themselves from a heads down pull.
“COACH”, “SMIT” was the exchange as Kevin noticed Coach Dotson leading a pack of riders heading in the opposite direction, and Coach’s recognition that Kevin had spotted him.
At the corner of Luter Shop and 751 the “Roses” and “Testosterone” riders had again regrouped.
The turn onto Martha Chapel and down hill run to Lake Jordan had the group forming a double draft line.
In the lead was Steve, Brain, and Tim followed by Ernest, Ed, Jae, followed by Kevin and Theresa. Theresa and Kevin fell off the pace of the draft line within the first ½ mile. Steve, Brian and Tim were setting an aggressive run toward lake Jordan. Jae, Ed and Ernest were working together as a team with Jae staying solidly in the hunt. As the run continued the pack slowly splintered with Kevin and Theresa falling behind with each revolution of the peddles while maintaining a solid 21 mph. As the Lake came into view Ernest egged Jae to join him in an effort to catch the lead group. Jae made a valiant attempt but was unable to match Ernest’s effort resulting in an additional splintering of the group.
At the left turn of Martha Chapel onto Farrington the ladies pulled up to take another of their recovery rest breaks. The “Testosterone” riders circled while standing on the peddles to match the “Rose’s” rest break and to egg the “Roses” on to mount and ride some more. With no response from the “Rose’s” the “Testosterone” riders finished the last circle and swung onto Farrington. This section of road slowly rises from Lake Jordan to the rolling hills of either Holland Chapel or the turn onto Horton Pond. This section of road up to the next turn is also affectionately referred to as “Kevin’s Crawl” as he is suckered into taking the Pull Position each time the riders are on this part of the route. Today was no exception. Kevin was the last to finish circling the “Rose’s” and could see the other riders headed down Farrington. He also noticed that each was looking back and opening a slot for Kevin to glide on through to the Pull Position.. Kevin responded and slowly passed each rider only to hear them each announce “No One but Kevin takes the Lead here”. Kevin made it to his honored position and began the slow pull towards the next turn with the speedometer read out flashing 17 mph.
Kevin fumbled with various gear combinations looking for the one gear that would allow for the proper spin and power stroke combination. The gear would have to carry the pull through the gradually increasing degree of angle as the road would rise on its journey from the Lake bed.
Finding a combination that would work Kevin began to do his part of the Pull. Matching pressure of the hill with pressure on the peddles. Kevin pushed to increase the speed as the climb unfolded. His efforts had the pace line cresting the rise at 23 mph. A Great pull one of his best efforts on this section of road.
The only comment generated by the group came from Brian Farkas. “ That section of road is very deceiving”, “ It looks up hill but clearly it must actually be a down hill run” he said this with a great big fictitious grin and in anticipation of a come back from Kevin. “That explains the increase in speed” was Kevin’s reply as he tried not to fall into the trash talk trap set by Brian.
The Riders were now on Holland Chapel with Tim and Steve setting the pace and doing a great deal of the pulling.

Tim has had two strong days of riding and must be sneaking out during the week to get in some extra miles.
Steve Cope has been riding on Wednesday’s with the group that leaves from the Mc Gregor Downs Shopping center. Last Wednesday he decided to ride with the hammer heads in that group, and DOMINATED THEM. The ride was an out and back that included to full climb of Lystra. Steve was the first to crest Lystra after a solid run to get there averaging 23 mph. “Steve came to play that day”.

The riders finished Holland Chapel with a strong pulls by Tim, Steve, Ernest, and Brian. Kevin had spent everything on his last Pull up Farrington and was now just hanging on.
The pack continued with a right turn onto 751 and a quick left back onto Luter Shop.
The plan was to know plow straight ahead only to turn at Green Hope High School road. With that knowledge each member in the group elected to get the most out of this section of road. The result had the pack minus Kevin and Ed , who was keeping Kevin company, all pushing hard these last 10 miles towards the finish. At Green Level the group was again reformed and remained close together for the short off road traverse of the rail road tracks at Green Hope High School.
Kevin planned to change the route at the end to bring the riders back into the Preston Neighborhood circling around to finish coming out behind Brugers;.
.This plan kept the group together through the round-about in Preston only to be shattered as Steve and Brian followed by Tim and Ernest as they attacked the hill headed toward the light at Davis drive. Their timing allowed them to continue through the intersection and a mad dash down the next hills. This action left Ed and Kevin way out of sight and unable to announce the next turn for the group. At that next turn Ed and Kevin were all alone. They took the planned left turn taking them to Morrisville Blvd and then a right turn onto CaryVillage Parkway trough Preston. Ed explained to Kevin that he rides these roads of Preston every morning for about an hour. He also told Kevin that he would elect to peel off at the last mile to go ahead and ride on to his house. “See you next weekend” they both announced as Ed made his turn toward home.

The Riders covered 35 miles at 15.8 mph average.
The “Roses” also covered 35 miles and accomplished it doing close to 14 mph average.