Monday, September 17, 2007

Sept 15 and 16 rides

Saturday Sept 15th
Kevin and Theresa were joined by Kristine Harkness for this days ride.
The group reminisced about their experience and great weekend during the MS150.
Kevin and Theresa rode with the Hibernian team and Kristine rode for the Carolina Brewery team at the MS 150.

This days ride was relaxed, with cool temperatures, light winds, and a relaxed pace.
The group rode the 32 mile route taking them past the farm where the 60+ foot boat was being refurbished. Kevin asked when the boat would be sea worthy and was informed that they expect to have it ready by Christmas.
The group of three road strong all the way to Ferrington Road near Lake Jordan. They then elected to turn left and then left again on Horton pond. Theresa was beginning to suffer from lower back pain and Kristine needed to take a bio break. The group slowed and stopped in a shaded area. Theresa stretched her back and Kristine headed for the woods to relieve her bladder. The ride was at the half way point. Kevin and Kristine mounted their bikes with Theresa slowly falling in behind. Theresa struggled to finish the ride and stay at the earlier established pace. Kevin and Kristine rode on keeping Theresa in view. At each turn Kevin and Kristine waited with Kevin circling back to see Theresa’s progress. Once at the corner of Old Jenks and Wimberly Kevin and Kristine made stronger progress towards the finish of the days ride. They did not look back or wait for Theresa from this point on. Once back at the start Kevin and Kristine put away their bikes and prepared for a short visit to Brugers for coffee and nutrition. Theresa was not far behind and was ready at about the same time. Kristine was planning to visit BUG FEST later that morning, Kevin had properties to show, and Theresa had work to accomplish so we did not linger long at Brugers.

Sunday Sept 16th.

Kevin, Theresa and Carolyn Sparano all road together to the start of the days ride. They were then joined by
Steve Cope driving up with the top down on his Yellow Thing.
He complained about the cold. DUH. Steve elected to ride today on his classic Vitas.
We then were joined by Sara Powell. She had been missing for most of the season.
She claimed she had no excuses, just didn’t ride.
Then David Bridenbaugh arrived on his bike ready to go.
The group finished pumping tires, dawning helmets and sunglasses, put on shoes and gloves. Carolyn was pacing on her bike in the parking lot anxiously awaiting those of us who are less competitive.
The pack was off close to 8 am with Steve Cope in the lead. Typical chit chat filled the early miles on the ride. We learned that David was selling and supporting uninterruptible power supplies with his brothers company. Steve was traveling a lot for work. Kevin was planning another trip out of the country. He is being sent to Yap and Truck Lagoon for 2 weeks of diving. This trip is being subsidized by resorts in that area that want Kevin to experience their accommodations and dive operations with the hope that he then brings others to those sites in the future. ANY ONE READY to DIVE Exotic Places?
The smell the Roses Group fell off the pace at the usual crossing from Preston Woods and Davis Drive. Steve set the pace with Kevin and David drafting as best they could.
As you may recall Steve’s profile leaves a great deal to be desired for those trying to draft. On they rode slowly picking up the pace. They were moving slower than normal holding a 13 mph pace early in this ride. Steve’s bike was making lots of pinging sounds as his spokes were trying to tell him that they were old like him. This small pack then rolled across 55 and onto Fire Station Church Road they road single file past all the new construction. Left turn onto Yates store had each rider preparing for the attack on upchuck. Kevin being the heaviest was fastest down the hill followed by Steve Cope who loves to draft the fat man. David was off to the left and aligning himself for the line he wanted to take down the hill and then up the short steep climb. None of these riders attacked. All three rode to complete the task rather than to dominate the hill or to fend off anyone who might attack. Right turn at the top of the hill had all three riders recovered and ready to pick up the pace. Chit Chat continued as the group road along the recently patched roads of Mount Pisgah Church road. Up the rolling hills again with no one attacking. Left turn at the top of the last hill had the group riding easy towards Leweter Shop road. About ¼ mile shy of the right turn onto Leweter Shop road there was a loud snap and claing. Everyone looked around to see what they had run over. Kevin did not look. He felt the explosion as it happened through the carbon fiber frame of this light weight bike. Kevin recognizing the sound and sensation looked at his rear wheel to see how out of true it was do to a broken spoke. Kevin’s wheels are light weight with radial configured light weight bladed spokes. With limited spokes under high tension the result of one missing deforms the rim to such a degree it will not turn without rubbing on the chain stays. Kevin pulled up to a full stop. David rode back to retrieve the exploded component. Steve laughed and laughed and laughed. “If you were not so fat your bike might perform better”. “This is what you get for buying your bike at Kmart”. “It is only 12 miles back to the start so you better get walking now”. “I would take off my cleats if I was you so you don’t ruin them on your long walk home”. Kevin could only smile and nod his head. No point in trying to provide any counter points. Kevin asked if anyone had a spoke wrench that might help me true the wheel enough to limp home. “I only carry a sew up” Steve said with a smile. David emptied his tool kit bag to no avail. “walk to the corner where other bikers are going by and ask them” Steve said in between chuckling over Kevin’s situation. Kevin informed the group that he will work to solve the problem and that he has a cell phone to call Theresa if no one riding by can help.
Waving goodbye the two riders were heard laughing and carrying on about how glad they were to have purchased their bikes from a bike store. Kevin walked the ¼ mile in the grass to protect his cleats. Once at the corner he began asking each rider if they had a spoke wrench or pliers. No one carries tools. Kevin had several inform him that they only carry a cell phone. Kevin placed a call to Theresa suspecting she left her phone in the car. As he began to leave a detailed message he noticed a group of riders approaching from the same route he had just ridden. Upon further investigation he was convinced it was the Smell the Roses riders slowly approaching. Sure enough it was the Ladies. “What happened, are you OK” they all asked. Clearly the Smell the Roses Riders are a kindler gentler group. They elected to shorten their ride in order to rescue Kevin from his dilemma. Kevin continued to ask passing riders for the proper tools to solve his problem. He then saw a large group of riders headed his way. He was pleasantly surprised to recognize them as members of Scout troop 212. Some of the riders in this group had recently taken Scuba Lessons from Kevin. No tools to get the job done from this group either. Just about then Steve and David were doubling back after having made their way to Lake Jordan and back. Steve surmised that Kevin had no success in getting anyone to help him. “Looks like you can’t get anyone to help you. I bet you could not sell Lemonade from your Lemonade stand as a kid.” He gleefully announced. Before Kevin could respond they noticed a lone rider talking on a cell phone while trying to make speed down the road. As the rider approached all three recognized the rider to be Tim Travitz. Tim was a rider the group tried to help early in the season. He has since joined the group on many of their rides. Tim slowed and announced he was riding to try and find us. He had slept in that morning so he rode our regular rout backwards in hopes of hooking up. Tim was quickly pulled into the banter and agreed with Steve that Kevin should not have purchased his bike from Kmart. The group now with Tim in tow headed for the end. As they worked to clip in they waved and said good luck, maybe we will see you there next Saturday as we ride by.
Kevin continued to solicit assistance to no avail. Kevin estimated that it would take the Ladies about an hour to get to the cars and then 20 minutes to drive back. Within 20 minutes Tim was back with his car and some tools to see if they would to the trick. Tim lives very close to the ride route and pulled off early to see if he could come back to help.
Kevin used a pair of pliers to see if he could loosen some spokes to help true the wheel. He was skeptical since the spokes were under a great deal of tension, and the spokes were made of soft aluminum. The risk for marring the spokes was high. Kevin quickly gave up the idea as he quickly validated his concerns. Kevin thanked Tim for trying to help and they said their good-bys. About 1 hour later Theresa and Carolyn arrived with the van. Kevin loaded his bike and finished his ride driving the vehicle to Brugers were they joined Steve Cope to enjoy coffee and a bagel sandwich.