Sunday, August 03, 2008

First weekend in August - Largest participation todate.

Saturday August 2nd.
Those in attendance
Josh Carter
Ron Clanton
Kevin Smit
Coach Dotson
John Majikes
Steve Ham…
( Back from RAGBRAI )
Tim Travitz (Slow Tim)
Tim Devinney (Fast Tim) (also know known as the LOVE TRAIN)
Dani Devinney
Steve ???? – can’t remember his last name (Friend of the Danzey’s)
Jeff Roussel
Jarrett Campbell (Friend of Jeffs – on the ride with the group for the first time)
Ken Pikulik (Friend of Jeff and Jarretts – on the ride with the group for the first time)
Katie McKeithan (Friend of Stacy and Eric – This was her first ride with the group) (she is also famous for being the cyclist that was run off the road a few weeks ago and Eric was with her at that time) ( happy to have her back in the saddle).
Mike Whaley – first time with the weekend riders – Gave the Hammer heads a run for their money.
Stacy Danzey
Eric Danzey
Theresa Smit
Sheila Augustine
Jae Brainard
Patty Lewis
Nicole Lewis
Davin Perkins
Rositta Perkins
Suzan McBee
Steve Sparano
Carolyn Sparano
Christine Miller

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A record turnout for Saturday August 2, 2008

Points to share.

  • Number of participants is the largest of the season due to Steve Cope announcing he would not be there on Saturday.

  • Peloton could not be controlled. Several times during the ride the Peleton would increase speeds splintering the group into at least 3 separate smaller chase groups.

  • Reverse route going out Holt and Old Jenks, past the water treatment plant on Wimberly, left onto Green Level, left onto Luther, short jog over to Horton Pond and the first unscheduled stop – where Josh left his morning pop tart in the bushes. (Do not eat a high fiber wheat POP Tart and then ride hard.)

  • Left onto Farrington, first scheduled stop at gas station on 64 and Farrington. Fast Tim First to arrive and purchase water for all. Ken and Jarrett discussed an alternate path back towards Cary as it was Ken’s longest ride of the season. They both promised to return and ride some more with the group.

  • Fast Run down 64 to the right turn on Big Woods

  • Big Woods was concurred by several strong pulls the most Monumental from Nicole.

  • Big Woods is also the scene of a near head on collision with a SUV that was passing the Peloton and an on coming Car. (DUMB ASS DRIVERS).

  • Second Unscheduled stop at end of Big Woods and the right turn on Jack Bennet – Where Nicole BONKED from her Herculean efforts. At this stop Jeff offered Nicole a hit from his bag of powder. He claims it was electrolytes, but instructed Nicole to snort it thru a $20 bill he had rolled for her.

  • At the intersection of Lystra and Farrington the group was slowing for the light and anticipating the next planned stop at the gas station there when a lady in another SUV started shouting at the group to ride in the BIKE LANE. There is no Bike lane on this section of road. Kevin took the opportunity to attempt to educate this driver on the rules of the road. He informed the driver that Bicyclists are considered Vehicles in the State of NC and as such are expected to obey the rules of the road, and as Vehicles are entitled to the same rules/privileges as any other Vehicle. In other words a bicycle is entitled to a full lane if safety is an issue due to debris, potholes, etc. The driver of the SUV informed Kevin that she was a Lawyer and that BIKES are Not considered vehicles and need to ride were they belong in the bike lanes. Kevin realized that not all Lawyers are created equal and if the Bar Exam could not educate her, then he did not have a chance to either.

  • At the second scheduled stop water bottles were filled again.

  • At this stop Christy was heard explaining to the group how she was rescued by Kevin and the Thorns early last season, and how they felt sorry for her and let her join the ride that day. Kevin corrected the reason and informed Christy and the group that she was allowed to join because Kevin had falling in Love with her the first time he saw her.
    She then informed him he needed to get in line and that he was not anywhere near the top of her list. This is no way to Treat a GOG.

  • Nicole jumped into the fray and claimed that GOG really stands for Glistening Old Grand Father.

  • Back into the saddles and headed down Farrington towards “Kevin’s Crawl”

  • Fast Tim used this section of road to Sing to Christy who was now the focus of all the Testosterone on the ride. The competition was no longer who would be the first to attack but became who would be the first on Christy’s list. Fast Tim took no time to set the stage for his play for this top spot and was heard singing “Love Train” to Christy as they road together towards “Kevin’s Crawl”.

  • Turn onto Holland Chapel had the group circling to allow the crooners to gather.

  • The next turn was at the strawberry patch and the run down Luter Shop towards Cary.

  • Before White Oak Kevin sent word up front to turn at Yates Store and do the Hills of Cary Glenn known as “Nicole’s Roller Coaster”.

  • This section of Luter Shop had the Peloton splintered again into at least 3 major groups all doing their own thing.

  • As the trailing group was closing in on Yates Store Kevin learned that Eric’s left knee was hurting him. Knowing there was several more hills that lay ahead Kevin devised an alternate finish for Eric that would be flat and still provide the same mileage as originally planned. Kevin then led Eric, Ron, and Steve Ham… towards that alternate route. In doing so he and the 3 others ran past the turn at Yates Store and “Nicole’s Roller Coaster”. Once the group was headed well on their way in the alternate finish Kevin pulled away and headed towards the intersection where “Nicole’s Roller Coaster” emerges from Cary Glenn. He did this in anticipation that the group might be waiting there for the stragglers.

  • Kevin later learned that the group led by Davin actually waited at the beginning of “Nicole’s Roller Coaster” and went back to Luter Shop looking for Kevin and the others.

  • So everyone tried to do the right thing and in the end missed each other. DUH.

Thorns complete 47 miles at 17.7 pace.
Roses cover 36 miles at a 14.6 mph pace.

Sunday August 3rd.
Those electing to ride even though Cope is there.
Kevin Smit
Theresa Smit
Coach Dotson
Jae Brainard
Patty Lewis
Kobi Goodloe
( first time with the group – Coach brought her to the ride)
Steve Cope
Brian Farkas
Steve Sparano
(Sporadic Steve)
Jarrett Campbell
Jim Palistrant
Tim Travitz (
Slow Tim)

Highlights and lowlights of the ride.

Clearly most riders do not want to be at the ride if Steve Cope might be there. Saturdays ride was the largest in attendance for the entire season after Steve had announced that he would not be. Sunday the number of Thorns was cut by more than half since Steve indicated he would be there on that day.

The route was a combination of the standard 35 mile route however the second half continued past the gas station at Lystra. It then wound back towards Cary traveling on Old Farrington, Stage Coach, part of 751, Okelly Chapel Road, and back into Cary on (yet opened) Yates Store.

Points of interest on this Sunday Ride.

No one shows up because Steve Cope is expected to ride.

At the intersection of Okelly Chapel Road, Steve Cope jumps across the intersection in front of car then points at car and announces “Car Back” for all the other riders. What Steve did not know is that all the riders were already yelling “Car Back” long before he elected to dart out in front of it. This is a tactic that he has learned from the Wednesday night Hammer Heads. That group will jump the red lights and do anything they can to jump thru small openings in traffic to trap the trailing riders allowing themselves to get away, and splinter the group.

Another point of interest for those riding with Cope and Farkas.
Brian Farkas is notorious for timing his attacks.
The scenario follows this pattern.

Brian rides in at the end of the Peloton for the first 3 or 4 miles.
He positions himself in the middle of the pack as the attack point looms within 1 mile.
He allows himself to move steadily towards the pull position in anticipation of the attack.
If he finds himself in third position with more distance to travel before the attack he falls back in line.
If he finds himself in second position prior to an attack he quickly moves to pull position, pulls for just a brief moment and then falls back in line in 3rd or 4th position and shifts gears in anticipation of the attack.
Brian will never pull up a hill.

After the days ride
Kevin, Theresa, Coach, and Sporadic Sparano all went to the Smit’s.
They drank beer, cleaned bikes, changed Coaches Chain, and eat 5 gallons of Maple View Dairy Banana ICE CREAM, all in that order. Oh Yea and Drank Beer.

Roses had a personal best as a group covering 35 miles at 15.6 miles per hour average.
Thorns road 42miles at an average of 17.5 mph.

Stay tuned to see how long Coach’s chain stays in tacked.