Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thorns and Roses Tribute Ride

Saturday Oct 15th
It was a beautiful morning with the sun peaking up over the horizon and the weather extraordinarily cooperative--people simply had to show up. With the trap bated and set, the cyclists started to arrive at the historically unconfirmed birthplace of cycling -- the Thorns and Roses clubhouse. One by one they arrived, small ones and tall ones, young and those named Paul ones--about 20 +/- riders in all. A great bonus was the arrival of a few Thorns and Roses "framers": Steve Cope and David Bridenbaugh + the Raven Rock Ramble Founder and Organizer.

The Green Flash worked to develop a community organizer project and stationed The Jets on one side of the parking lot and The Sharks on the other -- translation A and B group. The concept design of the ride would be a traditional exit through Cary, out through the previously known Del Web development, 751, Stage Coach, numerous Farrington named roads, Lystra, Jack Bennett, Big Woods, Wilsonville Gas and home. After proper disclosure and a review of the game rules, the pistol fired.

The cycling flash mob hit the streets, talking and getting CV updates on recent activities. The merriment continued through the largely ceremonial first lap of the Champs-Elysees where no one challenges and everyone raises their water bottles in celebration of the day. This mood and comradery continued until the curtain fell with the Green Light entrance of Carpenter Firestation; and with that the gate flew open and the jockeys spurred their horses into action.

The rest was a blur, however it was noted that all riders were rotating well, riding safely, and at the same time (Thorn Account) trying to make their friends suffer in the worst way.

A great time was had by all, with the final group finishing at 57 miles moving at a 20 mph +/- average speed.