Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ride for the Rock and Sunday's recovery ride (Where were YOU)

March 6 and 7 weekend rides.
Ride for the Rock
Organized to raise money for Brain Injury research.
A well laid out route with 50k and 100k route choices.
Both routes stayed together until the 18 mile mark and first rest stop.
The route up to this point also followed the same route as the Fire Cracker ride.
The 100k route became vary hilly between miles 30 and 40 where the second rest stop was located.

Thorns and Roses identified at the start included:
Those doing the 100k
Steve CopeCapn Carbon – on his full carbon road bike.
Joe Pittman – Immortal Man
David Bridenbaugh – Mr. Bridenbaugh
Lee Duncan – who brought a friend of his (Ian) who will likely join the weekend rides with the Thorns and Roses
Kevin Smit – GOG – surprised himself completing the ride at an average speed of 17.4 mph (at 40 mile mark was averaging 18.5 mph – then started to cramp last 10 miles).
Jae Brainard – did the 50 k
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa did the 50k.

See details for the 100k ride by clicking on the link below.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Ride for the Rock

Sunday March 7th
Weather was fantastic.
Warm, sunny, calm.

Where was everyone.
Kevin and Theresa arrived at Brueggers expecting a huge turnout for the best weather yet of the winter seasons rides. They sat for almost 40 minutes before the first rider showed up. It was Christy Miller - Pink Triatholete. She has not been on the road on her bike for several months. Lots of Turbo Trainer time and running long distances, but no time on the road. After a brief chit chat the group was joined by Jae Brainard who informed the group that the “Green Flash” was in the parking lot. “Is he on his Fixed Gear bike?” inquired GOG. “YES” Jae responded. “OH when he rides his fixy he is known as THE YELLOW JACKET” GOG went on to explain. Shawn has two clear out fits for cycling. One is his road bike and matching riding shorts and jersey, all bright green. The other his Fixed Gear bike, black and gold and his winter jacket that is also black and gold.

The group left pushed away from the table to join “The Yellow Jacket” in the parking lot. Upon seeing “The Yellow Jacket” GOG noticed that Shawn had TRICKED out his fixy even more. The Yellow Jacket had acquired GOLD ARROW RIMS, replaced his handle bars with GOLD deep drop bars, and replaced his chain rings with GOLD ones. The bike was stunning to look at.

So the expected large turn out resulted in 5 riders at the start of the ride.
Christy Miller – Pink Triatholete – (Pinky)
Jae Brainard
Theresa Smit
– Mother Goose
Kevin Smit – GOG
Shawn Richardson – The Yellow Jacket – now with new name due to tricked out Fixy – “KILLER BEE”, and when he rides his road bike he is known as The Green Flash.

The fact that Capn Carbon was not at the start prompted Pinky to speculate that OLGA was to blame for his no show.

The report for the days ride will take on a different format, one that touches on the more memorable moments of the ride rather than a full chronicle of the ride.

The pack stayed together until leaving Cary on High House where it crosses highway 55. This is where Mother Theresa and Jae elected to take a more relaxed pace. GOG and Pinky were both expecting a relaxed recovery style ride as well. For some reason though the pace was one that had them riding along with the KILLER BEE at speeds of 18 – 20 mph. This continued with limited slowing at intersections to ensure traffic was clear before proceeding and ramping back up to speed.

Once on Green Level Church/Lewter Shop the three found themselves in conversations related to summer plans and cycling expectations. GOG told the group about the picture Capn Carbon sent him showing a section of road in Spain that Capn is planning to ride this summer. Yes Capn is headed to Spain for a two week cycling adventure and he is already rubbing GOG’s nose in it.

Pinky then suggested she might go over and watch the tour. “Lance is back and He is going to KICK BUTT” she went onto explain. “Maybe I can meet Lance and have one of his illegitimate Kids” she went on with great excitement in her voice. “Sure, Then you can have one with Tiger Woods, and then bag a Senator when you are done with Tiger” GOG said as he taunted Pinky. “Well maybe one of the kids would grow up and be a big success and then they could take care of me” she rebutted.
All got a good chuckle out of the plan and its outcome.

“You know I don’t Think anyone can get pregnant by Lance” GOG went on in a questioning tone.
“I think he still has one that functions, he just fathered another last year” Pinky provided in an all knowing tone.

“Well regardless, He probably has enough testosterone in his sweat to get you pregnant” GOG added.

Just as that conversation had run its course the group was now only yards from the county line. KILLER BEE slid past the other two to take the sprint win.

“What did the last conversation disturb you that you had to get away” GOG asked KILLER BEE. “Nope, don’t you remember that last time Pinky road with us and I was there and the conversation was something to do with Transvestites” he said with a smile.
Thats RIGHT, and I think you started that one” Pinky said in confirmation.

Killer Bee now took control of the pull position pulling the others from the county line all the way to the strawberry patch. GOG kept checking his speed, heart rate, and cadence to understand why he was feeling so stressed. The Killer Bee did not fall below 18 mph and held a steady line.

At the strawberry patch the group made the right turn towards Martha Chapel now with GOG back in the pull position. A survival technique he uses to slow the pace. Sometime beating head first into the wind at a manageable speed is easier than struggling to hold on to a rear wheel working hard not to be gapped. The line up of the pace line remained in that order all the way to Lake Jordan. At Lake Jordan the group paused long enough to debate the need for extra miles and to check current mileage and stats.

“18 miles at 16.6 mph average” GOG informed the others.
With that THE KILLER BEE launched himself onto Farrington as it headed towards Holland’s Chapel Road.
THE KILLER BEE pulled the other two the entire length up Kevin’s Crawl, cresting the top at 20 mph.

He remained in the pull position pulling away from the other two slightly as they did their best to respond to his demanding pace.

Back at the Strawberry patch Pinky took Command of the pace line. She forced her way to the front, Killer Bee stayed within striking distance, as GOG continued to demand himself to stay in contact.
Pinky now pushing the pace asking each to respond to her desire to push at 20 mph towards the county line. GOG was playing out the last few miles in his head. He had the opportunity to alter the course to help him survive the onslaught from the two stronger riders. Just about that time Pinky was heard so say to Killer Bee, “You can pass me if you want”. “No, I am OK” he said with a smile. Damn youth. Pinky continued to set the pace. Later it was learned that she had been determined to not let that section of road destroy her as it typically had in the past. She clearly met that challenge on this day.

GOG finally had a plan that would allow him to finish the ride and slow the pace. “OK, lets turn at White Oak” he shouted to the front of the line. “What and do Green Level?” “You know how hilly that is” Pinky wined as she continued to struggle to respond to her goal of not being defeated by the route.
“Yea White Oak has one big hill, but we will turn onto the bike path at the bottom of Green level, and coast on in the last 4 – 5 miles” GOG went on to ensure her of his plan. “Great, that will be a good warm down” Pinky responded with relief.

At White Oak GOG took the reins and led the pack to the turn and associated downhill on Green Level. He was passed by THE KILLER BEE as the group made the turn into the bike path. Another check on stats as they entered the bike path. “OK in the last 7 miles you two pushed the pace so hard we have increased our average from 16.4 to 17.5 mph” GOG announced. Both Pinky and GOG were expecting to slow down and coast along at 12 – 13 mph on the path, however THE KILLER BEE had other ideas and set the pace closer to 17 – 19 mph with periodic slowing for dog, kids, walkers, joggers, intersections with busy roads, etc.

As the pack wondered along the group continued to follow The Killer Bee’s lead up hills, around bends in the path, dodging others. As the path traveled under highway 55 GOG let out one of his PRIMAL SCREAMS. The Killer Bee was ready for it however Pinky just about fell off her bike as the ear drum busting cry was produced by GOG. As the three riders exited the tunnel PINKY barked at GOG “Damn it I almost jumped out of my cleats” she screamed. The Killer Bee smiled as he had prepared for the childish prank from GOG.

The riders passed Susan McBee as she was jogging on the path that leads behind her house.

At the end of the path the group rolled onto Davis drive followed by the right turn onto Waldo Roo. This led them to a left turn onto Cary Parkway and the entrance to Brueggers and the end of the days ride.
These three cyclists finished 30 miles at 16.6 mph average. Must faster than Pinky or GOG had planned for , and slower than THE KILLER BEE had expected.

Click on the link below to view the route details for the ride.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Sunday recovery ride (NOT)

Mother Theresa and Jae completed 33 miles that day at a much more comfortable pace.