Sunday, June 05, 2011

First weekend in June 2011

June 4 and 5.

Large turn outs

Lots of new faces.

Those in attendance on June 4th included:
June Benett
Cort Bennett
Jae Brainard – The Matriarch
David Bridenbaugh – Mr. Bridenbaugh
Kaleo Bullard – Volcano
Ron Clanton – Just Ron
Tracy Clanton – Rose Peddler
Jim Cobb – The Rabbit
Ginny Davis
Rod Davis
Megan Heggarty – The Blood Hound – back with the group after a long time away – Welcome back
Sean Kurdys – back with the group - Welcome back.
Patti Lewis – Patti Melt
Marianne Mahn - #1 in the Bush
Todd McBride – B3 (Best Bikin Buddy)
Lance Minor
Mo Percy
Shawn Richardson – Dessert Flower – on his white and blue Fixie
Rob Robertson – Top Rookie
Paul Schmidt
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa
Kiki Rodu – Twinkle Toes - Jumping in during the ride

New Faces joining the group for the first time Included:
Allisha Woodroof
Dean Rains
Lisa Petty
Mariann Ramsayer
Natasha Bosch
Suzy Schmidt

Welcome all you new riders to the Thorns N Roses.

After meeting and greeting all the cyclists, and getting Liability releases from those how had not yet filled one out GOG described the route to those who he felt could lead the pack thru the days ride.

The route was designed to be relatively flat and cover 50 miles with at least two opportunities to regroup. Mother Theresa volunteered to lead from the back of the Stems. Mr. Bridenbaugh, The Dessert Flower, The Rabbit, Top Rookie, and B3 would all participate in helping Sheppard the Thorns and Stems from the front and middle of the pack.

The Matriarch and Just Ron volunteered to lead the ROSES on a shorter more relaxed paced route out to Lake Jordan and back. GOG made sure that anyone looking for a gentler kinder ride should elect to follow those two on the days ride. Over 10 riders quickly slide into place to make sure they knew who to follow and to be counted as one of the ROSES on the days ride.

GOG then briefed all the riders on what to expect and how everyone needs to work together to ensure “The Spirit” of a no drop ride is upheld. He asked those who were new to the group to raise their hands, and for the others to make sure they introduced themselves and worked to make the new riders feel welcomed.

By 8:10 the riders were off to enjoy the days rides.

Upon completion of the rides the ROSES covered 28 miles near a 16 mph average pace.

The stems completed the 50 mile route averaging 16.5 mph average

The Thorns completed the 50 miles at a 19+ mph pace and were proud to announce they were able to keep the pack together. The Thorns were able to hammer and yet provide for a no drop style ride.

A no drop ride for all the groups was accomplished. Thanks to all who helped make sure no one was lost along the way.

Several of the first time riders with the group announced they would be back and they enjoyed the route.

Sunday June 5th

Sunday recovery ride.

Another large turn out for a Sunday ride.

Three NEW NICKNAMES are born.

One awarded to a first time rider with the group.

Two awarded to long time participant with the Thorns N Roses.

Additional new faces joining in for the first time with the Thorns N Roses.

Those in attendance included:

Sheila Augustine - Finally with a Nick Name.

Kevin and Theresa have been working hard to catch Sheila in the act of doing or saying something on one of the rides that could help with a nick name for her. Well she still has not done anything memorable that could be used against her for a nick name. Upon much reflection Kevin and Theresa turned their efforts towards Sheila’s character traits to try and come up with a nick name. Even that was difficult because Sheila has no character flaws that could be used to help conjure up a nick name. So the two had to run down the long list of positive character traits and boil those down to any that might be used to help generate a nick name.

The one character trait, or skill, that kept coming to the top was Sheila's uncanny ability to remember names. Both Kevin and Theresa have serious mental blocks towards remembering names and faces, so this skill of Sheila’s was the one that really stood out. She can recall a name even having been away from the group for long periods of time.

So from this day forward Sheila Augustine will be remembered by her new nick name.


Others on the ride this day:

Rob Benson
David Bridenbaugh – Mr. Bridenbaugh
Jim Cobb – The Rabbit
Tim Devinney – The Love Train, The Love Boat
Jeff Hoffert
Peggy Hoffert – 2nd time with the group

Perry Hurt - Finally with a Potential Nick Name. And with all great nick names comes a degree of Innuendo. The story behind Perry’s nick name is. Each time he rides he has to leave the ride early – to go into work. We enjoy his company and feel sad that he has to abort the ride before the end. So there are several potential Nick Names for Perry. These include: POE (Pulls out Early), DNF (Does not Finish), Drop Out, Abort, …….. There are likely others to consider.

Patti Lewis – Patti Melt
Todd McBride – B3 (Best Bikin Buddy)
Shawn Richardson – Killer Bee – on his black and gold Fixie.
Paul Schmidt
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa.

Riding for the first time with the group:

Rebeka Branagan – first time and she earns a nick name. The story behind her nick name is. As the pack was getting ready to roll out of the parking lot Betsy was straddling her bike. As she raised her right foot to clip in she realized her left ankle was pinned between her crank arm and chain stay. She lost balance and fell against her car, but did not fall over. This action caused the entire pack to suddenly stop creating a FALSE START. So from the first ride with the Thorns N Roses Betsy will be known as FALSE START. Well done Beka.

Michele Rivera
Elizabeth Partin
Rob Benson

Welcome to the Thorns N Roses.

As the riders readied themselves GOG shared the days route with the ride leaders.

GOG had decided to create an out and back route that would be as flat as possible. The intent of the days ride was also to provide an opportunity for those looking to ride farther and faster a chance to do that during the second half of the ride. This was to be accomplished by getting the group out to Lake Jordan and headed back into Cary just in time to catch the CSH riders as they were headed out of Cary. GOG anticipated that the two groups would intersect each other somewhere near Cary Glenn. This is typically when CSH breaks into the A and B ride groups.

Those looking for more miles would turn around and go back out to Lake Jordan with CSH and end up with 40+ miles for the day and have the chance to Hammer with the A group of CSH. The rest of the Thorns N Roses could continue their planned route on in to the parking lot having completed 30 miles at about 16+ mph average. The plan worked flawlessly.

Those who jumped in with CSH included:

Killer Bee
The Love Train
The Rabbit
Jeff Hoffert
Rob Benson

The Thorn N Roses returned to the parking lot all having enjoyed the days ride. False Start commented that the route was a flat a route as any that could be designed in the area. It was also the furthest and fastest she had gone all year on a bike. Well done False Start. Well done Thorns N Roses.