Friday, November 26, 2010

Nov 13th ride

This write up is brought to you by Lee Duncan - SONIC BOOM.
Thanks Lee for the write up.

Here’s a recap of Saturday’s ride on 11/13/10.

42 Miles

17.2 Ave Speed

2,500 Calories

2,200 ft Ascent

Riders included:

Robert Renke (I think - apologies if name’s wrong)

Chris (I think - apologies if name’s wrong)

Rob Robertson – Top Rookie

David Bridenbaugh – Mr. Bridenbaugh

Jim Cobb – Been riding with us for a month

Elise Cobb – Been riding with us for a month

Lee Duncan – Sonic Boom

Shawn Richardson – Dessert Flower

Sorry if I missed anyone else.

A fantastic day for riding. A million thanks to Rob Robertson – Top Rookie for organizing the queue sheet and taking the initiative to ensure we had a great ride.

It was a cold morning with the temperature starting out in the mid to high 30s. But this wasn't the first frost ride for the fearless crew. In fact it was a marked improvement from the last Saturday with 40 degree temps and rain. Everyone was dressed appropriately and ready to go. The sun was out as we clicked in, which helped trick us into believing that our behavior was normal.

Top Rookie had us going on an entirely new way out of Cary and we all were excited to see what type of adventure was ahead. The group stayed huddled together, tapping our peddles around as we negotiated the city streets. It was fun looking at the people in the cars looking at us, as they wondered what would make a grown adult go biking early on a Saturday at these temps. The obvious answer is, if we need to explain it to you wouldn't understand. After stopping at a few lights, the group headed into Apex and the fun began. It was now time to exercise rule number 6: Never Take Yourself or those within Shouting Distance too seriously...the banter was on.

If there was a top honor for the most unruly, yet athletic rider of the day it had to be the distinguished gentleman David Bridenbaugh. He was attacking at every opportunity, pushing the pace and exhibiting the very essence of Thorndom. An unbelievably feisty performance through and through. Top Rookie was riding aggressively as well. One notable moment was when he attacked and passed the peloton while stating "I'm really impressed". This was a commanding and precisely executed use of banter. Jim Cobb and Elise Cobb rode very well, demonstrating that the couple that bikes together---bikes together.. Elise Cobb was the only Lady rider of the day and we appreciated having her with us. Dessert Flower had his fixie on and was pulling the group along and helping to organize the flock. He had several Olympic efforts, including a soloist run up by Tingen road/Apex Deliverance area where the group struggled to keep him in sight. Robert (man in black) was having an easy time with the tempo of the day, with the only exception of a slippery water bottle incident that sent him fetching. And Chris, Jim Shawn and David traded efforts in some secret game to beat Sonic Boom to a pulp (biker in the middle?)--knowing that he (SB) will chase anything even when he is spent. See graphical detail at the bottom.

Overall a fantastic ride with everyone enjoying themselves and arriving home safely.