Sunday, March 02, 2008

Flying solo

Sunday March 2nd 2008.

Kevin and Theresa arrived at Brugers/Carabou around 8 am. Theresa drove herself there as she would head home after saying hello to today’s riders. She was headed out of town to Canada for a business trip at 11 am and could not afford to participate in the days ride.
As they sipped on coffee they saw Theresa and Rich stop in for their coffee. They were dressed ready to ride. However they and the Sparano’s were planning to ride Mountain Bikes in Umstead this morning. Look for a write up from Steve Sparano about that ride. A short time later while continuing to enjoy their early coffee in strolled Jim Palistrant and his wife for their morning coffee. Jim and Kevin spoke briefly of the Frost bite 50 ride and how fun it was. Jim then informed Kevin that he has been riding with an organized group leaving at 10 am on Sundays from the bike store off of Old Jenks and 55. The store is the Bike Chain.
As 8 am turned to 8:30 am and then to 9 am Kevin realized he was going to be by himself on today’s ride. With that realization he decided to follow Theresa home and be there to take her to the airport. This would also allow him to jump on the ride from the Bike Chain starting at 10 am.
Off to the airport they went. Theresa was pulling her bags from the car only to discover she had left her purse at home. Back to the house the two went only to quickly return to the airport now with Theresa fully prepared to check in to her flight. A quick good by was exchanged and Kevin was on his way to the mornings ride.
Too late to join the organized ride Kevin decided to launch his solo ride from the Bruger’s parking lot.
He promised himself to alter the route in order to make it more entertaining than doing the standard route solo. He also decided to bring out the Classic 1979 Jeffry Bock for the days ride.
Attached is a link that shows the route he designed as his ride unfolded.

No real wind, great warm temperatures, sunny helped Kevin cover the days distance.
There was no need for leg warmers as the temp had climbed from 36 degrees to the low 50’s by the start of his ride. The wind was nonexistent expect for that generated by the rider.
Today’s ride culminated in 47 miles at an average of 16.5 mph and average Heart Rate of 132 bpm. He took one bio break at the corner of Farrington and Highway 64.
Jim’s ride with the Bike shop resulted in just over 50 miles at an average pace of 19 mph.
This would have destroyed Kevin.

See you all Saturday and Sunday March 8th and 9th.