Sunday, November 15, 2009

Social Saturday and Single Gear Sunday

Saturday Nov 14

In attendance:
Lee – second time with the group and happy to finally ride with Capn Carbon. Lee is looking for opportunities to attack.
Jen Serino – Slow Jen Fizz
Steve Cope – Capn Carbon
Steve Sparano – Sporadic Steve
Perry Hurt
Joe Pittman – Mr. Immortal
Karen Sutton – first time with the group – invited by Slow Jen Fizz
Nicole Mobley - first time with the group – third time on a bike– invited by Slow Jen Fizz
Kevin Smit – “GOG”
Theresa Smit – “Mother Theresa”

Capn Carbon had arrived to the start with two bicycles hanging on the rack. He had is Kestral (Full Carbon) and his brand new (repurposed old steel/chrome frame) FIXED GEAR BIKE.
Everyone was impressed with the new machine and was anxious to see Steve ride it. Steve had not yet ridden the bike and was hesitant to ride it for the first time on the route planned so he elected to ride the full carbon bike instead. “Sunday” he said “I will ride it Sunday”. That prompted “Slow Jen Fizz” to suggest she too may bring her FIXED GEAR BIKE on Sunday to ride with the group.

After brief introductions of the new riders to the group “GOG” suggested that he had a 40 mile route planned for the day and was looking to average a comfortable pace of 16 mph. He learned that at least 3 of the riders had a time constraint. “GOG” asked “Mother Theresa” if she would be willing to short cut and bring those with time constraint back in time to meet those needs. With those logistic addressed the pack was off.

The pace was subdued as the riders climbed the first small hill on High House just prior to the turn into the Preston Neighborhood. Each ride made the sweeping right turn followed by the flowing left turn placing them between the fairway and greens of the Preston Neighborhood’s Golf Course. The pace continued to be relaxed as the group rode as a clump with no effort to draft or set up a peloton formation. Just prior to the right turn onto Creek Park Drive the group heard a loud BANG followed by at TICK TICK TICK. No this was not a roadside bomb but one could suggest it was an IED for bicyclists.
“Capn Carbon” was looking all over his bike as he felt that noise may have come from him. “Capn” has had lots of rear wheel challenges this season with broken spokes, and rear hubs that needed to be replaced. So the natural response was to suggest his rear wheel had cracked – that is a risk on those high dollar carbon rims. “Capn” also rides on Sew-ups which means if he has a flat it is not just the expense of a tube, but also the full replacement of tire and tube. The TICK TICK TICKing noise continued forcing “Capn” to stop and inspect with greater focus on what the noise might be. This resulted in the entire group stopping with less than a mile into the ride. “Capn is HIGH MAINTENACE, We are always having to stop for him due to some issue”, “GOG” explained as he apologized to the group for this unplanned stop.

“Here it is” cried “Capn” as he pulled a large piece of metal from his tire. HISSSSS and the expensive Sew-up slowly died. “Looks like a piece of barbed Wire” added “Sporadic Steve”. The group continued to wait as the pit crew of Steve and Steve worked to pull off the dead sew-up replacing it with a spare, and then breathed life into it with a CO2 cartridge. This effort is clearly simpler and quicker than changing out a tube.
“Ready to Roll” shouted “Capn” and the pack was quick to respond. Now back in full stride the riders ramped up their speed to a comfortable 17 mph as they headed deeper into the Preston neighborhood. The group all exited the roundabout together and made the left turn at the Yellow Barn. At that point “Mother Theresa” and “Sporadic Steve” were lagging slightly. “Mr. Immortal” and “Capn Carbon” were the first to the next intersection and without hesitation Joe “Mr. Immortal” signaled a right turn onto “Ron’s Pull”. “GOG” did not correct them and followed suit. Lee was close and riding with Perry just behind “GOG”, they were followed by Karen, Nicole, “Sporadic Steve”, “Slow Jen Fizz”, and “Mother Theresa”. As the pack continued they fell into a poorly organized draft line. No detectible increase in speed occurred. Then “Sporadic Steve” made a play to see who would jump with him. He pulled out of his position in the pack and raced past the two leaders who were in a discussion of bikes and bike parts. No response from “Mr. Immortal” or “Capn”. Then after a short delay “Mr. Immortal” set up the next move by suggesting to “Capn”, “let him gap us a little more”. So there was even a longer delay before “Capn” made his move followed by “Mr. Immortal”, and “GOG”. Yes even “GOG” jumped as if he was still in shape and happy to accept any and all challenges. Please remember this was still in the first 3 to 4 miles of the ride and the group had already had a nice long rest during the flat tire change. So “GOG” still felt fresh, and he knew he would not be able to respond to the later attacks that were sure to come in the days ride. The three riders pulled up to “Sporadic Steve” and then slowly rolled past. Once “Capn” and his crew had vanquished that break away rider they settled into a 20 – 21 mph pace.

“Slow Jen Fizz” detected the change in pace and recognized the now relaxed posture of the lead riders. She ramped up her efforts to pull those with her across the gap to the leading group. “GOG” continued to monitor;
the pace,
his ability to sustain or respond to any change in pace,
his mirror to see the results of “Slow Jen’s efforts” as she was eliminating the gap between him and her.

“GOG” continued to find the best place to draft has he and “Mr. Immortal” fought to find any slip stream possible coming off of “Capn Carbon” who was still in the pull position. Then is if “Mr. Immortal” realized that “Slow Jen Fizz” and her crew had completely closed the gap he pushed the pace and attacked “Capn Carbon” not once but twice as a boxer would do to deliver a knockout punch. “Capn” responded, as did “GOG”. Joe continued to press the pace working hard to stay in the newly acquired lead position. Then “GOG” found himself side by side with “Capn Carbon”. “Capn” looked startled and even laughed a nervous laugh as if to say ETU BRUTE to “GOG”. “GOG” was acting the role of Brutus with “Capn Carbon” acting the roll of Caesar. In the mean time “Mr. Immortal” continued to press the pace as the two best friends behind him contemplated the act of treason that was potentially unfolding. First “Capn” collapsed showing the emotional depression one feels when betrayed by a best friend or confidant, as his body went limp for an instant. That was followed closely and more dramatically by “GOG’s” realization the he was on the verge of disrespecting the Greatest Bicyclist he has ever personally known.

That one scene if played in slow motion would have won the two cyclists (actors) an academy award.

“Mr. Immortal” triumphantly took his prize, which did not last long once he saw the destruction-taking place between the two riders behind him. In an effort to bring the “SPIRIT” back to the ride and to the two riders behind him, “Mr. Immortal” graciously offered the following. “You know it wasn’t fair.” “I drafted off of Capn Carbon, who pulled us the entire way”. Some how “Mr. Immortal” sensed the emotional destruction each of the two trailing riders felt at that moment. “Capn” with the realization that his second in command (not in ability) was attacking him, and “GOG” realizing that he was working against the EMPEROR of Biking.

Once at the end of “Ron’s Pull” the pack slowed and stopped to allow all to regroup. “GOG” rolled on through the intersection still numbed by his actions and the level of disrespect he had shown to “Capn”. Somehow “GOG” knew he needed to distance himself from the pack as if placing himself in exile.

The group said nothing of the exchange that had just taken place. Either they did not fully grasp the calamity of that situation, or they all were in too much shock themselves to comment, or they were so wrapped up in their own efforts that they missed the treason that took place within their ranks.

Joe “Mr. Immortal” had mounted a stellar attack that does deserve the full $100 award for taking the sprint. He needs to make no excuses for his actions and does not need to try and soften the more devastating actions of “GOG” against “Capn Carbon”. One can only hope that time will heal the wounds inflicted during that short skirmish.

The group was working to came all together at the lights at highway 55 when Lee, Joe “Mr. Immortal”, and “Capn” all jumped through the yellow Light to get across 55. All others pulled up and stopped as they watched the others scamper on through.
“KAH”, “HACK”, “KAH. “Slow Jen Fizz” was making such a racket as she struggled to catch her breath in between coughing episodes. “What?, are you our designated H1N1 participant on the ride?” asked “GOG”. “Yea, just getting over it”. “was planning to do the Bridge to Battleship Triathlon, and then days before the event came down the H1N1”. “Really Pissed ME OFF” cried Jen in between coughs.
In the mean time those that had jumped the light were now waiting on the other side for the rest to cross Highway 55 safely.

Once across the group was at full strength with “Sporadic Steve” in the pull position, and “GOG” working to find the best draft position. Others were falling in line behind them as the group formed a single file line on this narrow section of busy road. The pace was slowly creeping up again towards the 20+ mph pace as the pack continued towards the outskirts of Cary and Morrisville. “GOG” had considered taking the pack on the route he planned the week before but did not elect to follow. In this route he would direct the group to turn right on Yates store and head to O’kelly, then 751, then stage coach, then Farrington, to Lystra, and then via Martha Chapel towards home. That is a hilly route that does not allow for any short cutting of distance. Knowing this “GOG” began to re-assess the situation. He knew there were two new riders in the group, at least 3 needed to turn back early, and he was now emotionally and physically drained from the previous attack he participated in.
“Would anyone argue if I shorten the route a little today” he asked the group. “Capn Carbon” responded, “I do not plan to ride hard today or attack, I have been off the bike too long and could use a shorter ride”. The two newer riders with the group smiled. In retrospect those smiles could have easily meant to suggest, “this group is not very tough at all”. “GOG” took the smiles as an approval to shorten the route.
“Left Turn” cried “GOG” as the decision was made then and there to alter the route. “We are headed for UPChuck” he went on in an effort to describe the next part of the route. Behind him “GOG” could hear the others cyclist work to explain to Lee and the two newer cyclists what “UpChuck” was and how to set themselves up for the attacks that were sure to unfold.

“GOG” was the first to traverse through the pot holed downhill prior to the steep climb known to the group as “UpChuck”. Once through the bottom of the run he was working to pick a gear for what lay ahead. Then Lee shot past him, then “Capn Carbon” who had apparently recovered from his emotional let down on “Ron’s Pull”. “Capn” was not about to let “GOG” or anyone else disrespect him on “UPChuck”.
The procession continued with each cyclists working to join “Capn” and Lee at the top of the hill. One by one they conquered the climb. Slowly the group circled as they waited briefly for all to gather at the top. The group was then directed to make the turn onto New Hope Church Road. “We will stay on this to the turn onto Mount Pisgah” Kevin informed the group.

“Crap”, “I have a flat”. “GOG” shouted to the group. This is payment for his traitorous antics earlier in the ride. As “GOG” pulled to the side of the road “Capn Carbon” was already dismounting his bike and reaching for “GOG’s” rear wheel in an effort to remove it from the frame. His actions were similar to a Formula One Pit Crew member as they jump the wall with torque wrench in hand and start pulling lug nuts off of the wheel of the car as it is still slowing to a stop.

“GOG” did not deserve this level of attention from the man he had treated so disrespectfully earlier. This rattled “GOG” so much that he struggled to do his part in locating a new tube, tire irons, and Co2 cartridges. He was so slow in acquiring those items from his tool kit that “Capn” had already pulled the rear tire off the bike and was ripping the bead off the rim with his bare hands. “GOG” wondered if this was “Capn’s” way of saying that he had recovered fully from the earlier betrayal and all was good between them, or if he did not want to suffer through a slow tire changing process, or maybe he was still demonstrating to all (especially the new gals on the ride) that he was truly a Bicycling legend that could do it all.

“Sorry guys for all the unplanned stops today, I know it is cutting into your limited time for the days ride”. “GOG” was in full apology mode.

The Socail Club was happy to continue there very important CHIT CHAT uninterupted by this long tire change.

“I think I will just head for home from here” Perry announced. The group had only completed 10 miles and two flats. Joe “Mr. Immortal” was caught glancing at his watch. “I think I can continue with you guys until after Mount Pisgah” he was heard saying. The rear tire successfully changed and filled having had to use 2 CO2 cartridges due to “GOG’s” failure on the first try. The group said good-bye to Perry as they headed for Mount Pisgah and Perry headed back towards the start.

To this point in the ride “slow Jen Fizz” and the two ladies she had invited had been in a nonstop chat fest. “GOG” never fully heard nor understood the subject matter of their conversations but it was clearly something all three could participate in. “GOG” rarely engages in deep conversation while on the ride. It is not just because he is anti-social but more a factor of his inability to carry on a conversation while riding at speeds that are taxing his physical abilities. These three ladies however had no problem with the pace or the ability to visit non-stop while remaining solidly in the middle of the pack.

A left turn at Mount Pisgah is were the next split in the group took place. “Mother Theresa” and “Sporadic Steve” elected to ride straight on New Hope Church to the end at 751, where they planned to back track on in to the finish.

The Hills on Mount Pisgah set the stage for more attacks with “Mr. Immortal”, and Lee throwing out challenge after challenge. Lee reminded this rider of someone trying to play tag. His antics were much the same as someone running up close to their victim only to lightly touch them, yell “TAG YOU ARE IT” and then deftly elude them by scampering away. This style of riding continued throughout the days ride. Lee was clearly feeling frisky on the bike. There may be a nickname in this somewhere.

The pack enjoyed the attacks as each hill was met with that challenge. The group then rested and recovered as they pulled onto Farrell Road and its route that intersects Luter Shop just shy of the Strawberry Patch. It was at that intersection that “Mr. Immortal” left the group and headed back towards Cary and to meet his prior time constraint.

The pack was now down to “Capn Carbon”, “GOG”, Lee (nickname?), “Slow Jen Fizz”, Nicole, and Karen. This group rode well together now with “Capn Cabon” and the 3 ladies all participating in the Chat Fest. Again “GOG” rode in silence/survival mode. Lee was bouncing around like a young puppy looking for someone to play with. He was torn with the thought of scampering away, but realized that no one was paying attention because of the constant Chatter from the group. It is no fun to run away if no one chases.

Once at the Strawberry Patch the group was instructed to ride to Martha’s Chapel and follow its length to Lake Jordan. Here was an opportunity for Lee to Play with “Capn Carbon”. Lee had been on this section of road before and learned about the fast run and final sprint that always takes place there.
No one took control of the pull position resulting in some tentative shuffling among the riders. It was Lee and “Capn Carbon” that ultimately broke away from the group, and there was no clear sprint to the finish line at Lake Jordan. Next the group was directed onto Farrington and the section of road known to the group as “Kevin’s Crawl”. “Capn Carbon” was in the lead position followed by Lee, then “GOG” and then the social club. As the riders built their speed “Capn” looked back and asked, were is “GOG”. As he did this he pulled out of the pull position and fell back in line just behind “GOG”. “You know Steve, ever since Claim Jumper disrespected me on this section of road, I just don’t have the same desire to remain at the lead”. At that point Lee pulled ahead of “GOG” and all those behind him did not respond. It was Lee out ahead with “GOG” acting in a pull position for all others as they increased their speeds maxing out on the peak of the climb at about 21 mph. Lee continued on towards Holland Chapel well ahead of the pack. He slowed only long enough for “GOG” and the pace line to swallow him up as he waited for instructions for any next turn. “On Straight” was the command from “GOG”, as he was now passing Lee. The next command given was “left turn at Horton Pond”, “I am adding miles and hills back into the ride”, “Looks like everyone is looking for more so I am adding some back into the ride”.

“How far do we go on this until the next turn” Lee asked in hopes that “GOG” will share that information for his benefit. “This dead ends at 751, then we will turn right and an immediate left”. With that information Lee added, “I know that road it has a big sweeping downhill”. Now fully armed with information about the next 4 – 7 miles Lee was ready to play. He slowly pulled away from the group. “Capn” and the ladies were still in full Chat mode and let Lee slip slowly away. “GOG” continued to ride focused on holding the pace, this took great concentration on his part, as the constant chattering from the social club slowly became a dull drone in his ears. Then there was a short pause in the noise being generated from the Social Club. Someone had come up for a bit of fresh air. In that pause of verbal exercise the group realized that Lee was slipping away. “Capn” immediately left the group and pressed forward to close the gap. The ladies all pondered their response. Then slowly they ramped up their efforts and slid past “GOG”. The coffee break was over, time to get back to work.

The group did not wait long at the end of Horton Pond as they carefully positioned themselves among the car and truck traveling on 751. They had to time their left turn as oncoming traffic as well as the line of Traffic behind them did not want to be encumbered by these slow moving nuisances. Safely onto Luther, Lee and “GOG” were riding next to each other when Lee announced, “I have to Pee”. “We can stop and let you run off into the woods” responded “GOG”. “Na”, “I can hold it”, “it is another thing that will train my body to suffer on”, “you know toughen me up” Lee said with a sincere smile on his face. After the exchange Lee set out to make a fast run on the next downhill triggering a response from “Capn”, resulting in another playful exchange. The ladies were found drafting “GOG” as he worked with the aid of gravity to produce as much momentum as possible on the downhill. “GOG” continued to witness Lee attacking and “Capn” responding, then Lee attacking again. This game of “TAG YOUR IT” continued the entire length of Luther. The ladies had no problem passing “GOG” on the first uphill as his momentum was stripped faster than it had been built on the previous downhill.

All were waiting and chatting at the next intersection as they allowed “GOG” to join them for the next section of road. “GOG” slid past them all, turned right onto Green level, and did not slow down in the process. He looked back in his mirror expecting to see Lee jumping at the opportunity to respond and attack. The group was still focused on whatever the topic of conversation was as “GOG” continued to widen the gap all the while getting dangerously close to the Wake County Line. He knew that either “Capn Carbon” or Lee would want to make a play for the County Line. It was Lee who responded and was seen working to run “GOG” down. “GOG” confident he had a large enough gap, actually slowed down in an effort to taunt Lee into pushing even harder. “GOG” rolled over the County Line arms raised in victory just as he felt the pressure of the air being pushed out ahead of Lee, as Lee just about took the win.

“GOG” heard the ladies still in full SOCIAL CLUB CHATTER talking about how they liked the house that was up head on the curve. Was there any topic not discussed by this group on this ride?

“I am adding more miles and more hills,” announced “GOG”. “Make the right turn up ahead onto Wimberly” he went on to say. As the group made the turn onto Wimberly the Social Club was in the discussion of Mediterranean foods. “Capn Carbon” was fully engage in the conversation offering his opinion of various restaurants in the area and the quality of their product. The pace quickened as “GOG” was once again in the favor of the Gravity GOD who supplied extra momentum to the large mass known as “GOG”.
“I am afraid of the down Hills” announced Nicole. “This is only my third time on a bike” she went on to explain.

Once at the bottom of the hill the group was pulled back together with no one acting like they wanted to attack the hill. “This hill is not steep but it is long and wears on a person” “GOG” explained to Lee. “A nuisance hill” he responded. “GOG” was left to contemplate what a nuisance hill was.

Was it a hill that provided no real benefit from a training perspective,
or one that was too long to attack and recover from,
or one that was there just to slow the riders down and lower their average Miles Per hour for the days ride.

No matter what is meant by the term a nuisance hill the climb up WIMBERLY SUCKS. Oh and just as the hill was punishing the riders the most. The Social Club was chatting about recipes, and “Capn Carbon” was leading the discussion about some of his favorite recipes and how to properly execute them.

Upon completion of Wimberly, and the discussion on recipes, the pack of riders made a left turn onto Jenks Road as it heads back into Cary. As the group closed in on Highway 55 and Holt, Lee attacked again with “Capn Carbon” there to respond. From there the group safely made it across 55 and the left turn onto Holt. Here again they settled into a relaxed pace as the finish was approaching within the next 3 or so miles. “One more hill to attack on” announced “GOG” “Oh GOOD” replied Lee.

The pack made the turn onto Jenks Road and the pace quickened spreading the riders along its length as they readied themselves for the fast downhill and another nuisance uphill climb that was sure to have a battle between cyclists taking place. Lee and “Capn” enjoyed the attacks mounted on the other. “Capn” was seen playing the “TAG YOUR IT” game originally started by Lee. “GOG” and the Social Club all rode strong keeping their speed as they matched the pressure of the hill with greater efforts on the pedals.

Once at the top of the climb “GOG” directed the group to make the turn towards Preston. The cyclists road back into the neighborhood retracing the route first traveled as they started the days ride. The pace was very relaxed as each rider was now in cool down mode, and still participating in a Social event.
The group was then directed thought the backside of the neighborhood finishing the ride by entering the back parking lot of Brueggers.

The riders completed 38.5 miles at a pace of just over 16 mph, and with lots of hills. The route was altered no less than 3 times as “GOG” continued to assess the group’s strength and willingness to be challenged. Well done for a SOCIAL CLUB.

Sunday November 15th.
Single Gear Sunday.

A FOGGY Start and a SUNNY Finish.

Those assembled for the days ride included:
Theresa Smit – “Mother Theresa” on her 1979 classic steel bike. She picked her 42 tooth front chain ring and her 19 tool rear chain ring to ride for the day. She had other gears and could shift into them, however she wanted to meet the challenge of Single Gear Sunday.
Kevin Smit – “GOG” on his FIXIE with gear ratio of 48 x 16
Steve Cope “Capn Carbon” on his new (never ridden) Chrome FIXIE with gear ratio of 48 X 16
Shawn Richardson – the “Yellow Jacket” on his black and gold FIXIE with gear ratio of 48 X 16
Paul (sorry cant remember the last name)- On his Urban Commando FIXIE. Paul also came dressed in perfect Urban Commando Camouflage.
Tim Devinney – “The Love Train” Tim was riding wounded. His right knee has been damaged and he can barely walk on it, but he came to ride. It turned out that “The Love Train” also elected to pick a gear and stay in it (most of the ride – he did shift once to a higher gear later in the ride).

The Fog added an additional challenge to the day’s ride, as the group slowly slipped out of the parking lot and onto High house. Luckily the traffic on an early Sunday morning is very light. “GOG” had placed a red flashing light on his jersey pocket and Paul had a flashing red light on his seat post. Together they acted as signals to those cars approaching from the rear. Right from the start the FIXTIES pulled away from “Mother Theresa” and “The Love Train”. The fact that a rider cannot Coast on a fixed gear bike actually increases their average speed in comparison to someone who peddles and then coasts for a short while. The FIXTIES had no choice but to continue with the momentum established as they slowly walked away from the others. “GOG” asked Paul how much he had ridden his FIXIE. He learned that Paul rides it in town to the grocery store, and other short errands. A true URBAN Commando complete with Messenger bag to haul items acquired during the errands. Paul went on to explain he has never ridden the FIXIE for mile after mile so this day’s ride will be the furthest on this bike. Paul also brought his road bike to the start in hopes that he could turn back early enough to swap bikes and then jump into the CSH Sunday ride. “GOG” took this bit of information and charted a course in his head that might allow Paul and the group to all be back in time for the CSH ride start. “Capn” was having no trouble adjusting to the ridding techniques demanded by a FIXED GEAR bike. He is truly a Cycling legend, capable of any challenge on a bike. Maybe next weekend “GOG” will bring his Unicycle to see how easily “Capn” can adapt to it. “The Yellow Jacket” has been demonstrating for several weekends his ability to handle his FIXIE. To that point he was spotted prior to the start in the parking lot practicing panic stops by hopping the bike and throwing it into a side slide stop. “The Yellow Jacket’s” FIXIE was the only one in the group without a cheater break.

The day’s ride was smooth and relaxed. None of the riders were there to attack or ride hard. They actually used this ride to focus on the new challenge that a FIXED Gear ride presented. They also had to concentrate a great deal due to reduced visibility. “GOG” helped by charting a route that was as flat as possible given the area they had to ride. He also directed the ride onto roads that had the lightest traffic possible. He also needed to plot a course that would return the group back to the start with minutes to spare so anyone who wanted to make the CSH ride could. Luckily the CSH rides have recently been pushed back to a 10 am start. This gives the “Thorns and Roses” all most two hours to complete their ride and still connect with CSH.

The most notable items to share from the ride are as follows:

  • Poor visibility due to Fog and the buildup of moisture on everyone’s glasses. Half way through the ride “GOG” and Paul both removed theirs increasing the visibility dramatically.

  • The temperature felt much colder than the thermometer was registering due to the moisture being absorbed through the cloths of the riders.

  • No one knew what speed, distance, or cadence they were doing since none of the FIXED GEAR Bikes were laden with accessories.

  • The sprints to the County Line did take place as expected.

  • County Line Going Out – Capn pretended to not be paying attention and stayed in the back of the draft line as the County Line approached. GOG and the Yellow Jacket kept looking back to see if and when Capn would attack. As they looked back, Capn looked disinterested. Then in a surprise attack of his own, Capn sling shot past the group for the uncontested win!

  • Lake Jordan – Group had a solid and fast paceline heading down toward the lake. Capn was up front with Paul breaking the wind for GOG and the Yellow Jacket. Then the Yellow Jacket provided “pay back” to Capn’s earlier trickery by launching a might attack and won the sprint easily!

  • The riders could not see Lake Jordan due to the thick fog.

  • Kevin was not challenged (all respected him) on “Kevin’s Crawl”.

  • County Line Coming Back – Nobody showed interest in a contested sprint to the County Line. Capn could not stand it any longer as he has no patience and jumped on his new chrome fixie with less than 100 yards left. Nobody else even flinched and just chuckled as Capn burned yet another wasted match!

  • There were NO flats or mechanical issues.

  • The FIXIES road in a group except for the brief sprints

  • The Road bikes (ROADIES) rode in a group (remaining in the gear chosen at the start of the ride).

  • The route was shortened, and flattened even more near the end to beat the clock.

  • At the end “Capn Carbon” and “Yellow Jacket” rode past Brueggers and climbed HighHouse in an effort to make it to CSH. They did not bring a road bike and were committing themselves to an additional 30 miles on their FIXIE’s with CSH.

  • Paul and “GOG” rolled into Brueggers parking lot with 7 minutes to spare before the CSH ride start.

  • Paul demonstrated an orderly transition as he changed from his URBAN Commando Fatigues into Road bike lycra garb, put the FIXIE safely in his car, pulled the road bike off the roof rack, pumped up tires, and headed out to catch CSH as they headed into Preston.

  • Everyone had a BLAST and will definitely do this again.

    For those thinking of using a road bike on the Single Gear Sunday ride here is a simple formula that will help them match as best they can the gear ratio of the FIXIE’s. This is not totally scientific and real gear heads will likely chime in to correct this simple explanation.

    A Fix gear bike with a 48 X 16 set up has a 3 to 1 ratio. This is calculated by Dividing 48/16 = 3.

    A bike with a large front chain ring of 52 can come close by putting the chain onto the following gears.
    52 X 17 = 3.06
    A 53 toothed large front chain ring might suggest the following gear selections.
    53 X 18 = 2.9

    If the smaller front chain ring is selected then the configuration may look like the following possible solutions.

    39 X 13 = 3
    For compact chain rings the configuration may be
    36 X 12 = 3
    Or for really small compacts the configuration may be
    34 X 11 = 3.09

    Yes you will likely have to stand to push up any hills with a gear ratio that equals 3 to 1.