Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend rides Posted by Steve Cope

This write up has been provided by Steve Cope - "Capn Carbon" who has always been there even when Kevin and Theresa have not.

Thank You Steve for this detailed write up.

and I quote.

Big turnout (15 or so) Saturday because everyone heard you would not be there to slow the group down. We rode 52 miles at 18.6 mph which I believe is a new record. The ride went out to Lystra gas station and then across Big Woods. We hooked up with several other ride groups at Wilsonville and everyone was chit chatting. Then we went down to Martha's Chapel and back home. I must report that Josh beat me to the county line by an inch to make it 3 in a row. The big news was there were several appearances from yester-year including Robert Plant, John Majikus, and Earnest! Earnest is only there to USE us once again for his Blood Sweat and Gears training and then I will bet he disappears into the woods with his mountain bike for another year. Nicole brought out more horsepower from NC State. This time we were joined by State's cycling team coach - Shawn who is a former road racer and PRO duathelete. I figure this makes him a 2/3rds triassholete. There was also another young buck who gave me a run on Capn's Graveyard. Also attending from Sanford was Bob (friend's of Suzanne) who leads the CBC brewery rides. He rode once before last year. The regulars included Slow Todd, Slow Todd's triassholeete friend (name?), Slow Tim, Josh, Suzanne, Pat, and others that I have surely forgot. The Roses were led by Jae and I forgot who else joined her??? I do know they were nipping at our heels all the way through Ron's Pull.

On Sunday, Slow Tim, Josh, and I met for coffee and decided to head up to street and join Cycles Broken Here. As 8:30 approached, Sarah and 2 other of Tri Todd's Lady Triassholetes arrived and had plotted out their own "Stem" ride. Their intent was to talk more than ride.

Major announcements include Sarah winning her age division in the Wood Lake Triathlon on Saturday and Josh took 6th place at the State Criterium Championships on Sunday in Fayetteville.