Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thorns N Roses scatter in 3 directions

July 9 – Saturday

Thorns N Roses scatter in 3 directions.

Based on positive feedback regarding last Saturdays route GOG elected to leverage it again for this day’s route. He did want to offer additional miles to those looking for a ride greater than 42 miles. This was to be easily accomplished by sending folks on additional loops of 10 and 20 miles. These loops all started from the same decision point and allowed an additional last minute change of mind when the extra 10 mile loop was to head back to the end, and the second loop was headed out for 8 - 10 more miles. This worked well providing options of 42, 52, and 60 ish miles for those in attendance.

Maps had been provided a couple days earlier via email. Maps were printed and handed out at the start.

Mother Theresa scurried all about checking folks in to make sure all could be recognized as attending the days ride. Waivers were signed by those new to the group. Several groups huddled amongst themselves sharing stories about their experience riding the Fire Cracker ride on the 4th of July.

GOG walked among the groups explaining the options for the days ride and identifying those in the group willing to take on ride leader responsibilities.

In addition GOG was working to identify individuals who would be willing to have their cell phones participate in the Thorns N Roses emergency Phone number calling tree. Todd McBride (B3) has taken the time to set up a Thorns N Roses Google phone number. This number (once fully operational) will be provided to all Thorns N Roses to call in the unlikely event they find themselves on one of the rides and in need of assistance. The phone number will be active and monitored by up to 6 group leaders during the rides. The objective is to have this in case a rider cannot resolve an issue by themselves and has no other means of getting back to the start. It can also be used if a person gets gapped, and then lost and needs guidance on how to get back, or how to regroup with the pack. The TNR emergency number should be treated as such. Stay tuned for more as Todd continues to work on the set up of this for the group. Thank You Todd for taking the initiative and time to set this up for the group.

Those in attendance for the days ride included:

Doug Augustine – Rumble Strip
Sheila Augustine – Total Recall
Cort Bennett
June Bennett
Jae Brainard – with a new nickname – “GO GO GO Girl” – on the rides when she is ready to Go she lets everyone know “GO GO GO” she cries in an effort to spur all others into getting going back on the road.
Kaleo Bullard – The Volcano
Angie Chiatello – Cold Blooded – loving the warm July Temps.
Scott Clark – Super Charger
Ginny Davis
Rod Davis
Lee Duncan – Sonic Boom – riding his mountain bike
Beth Gonzalez
Liz Hardy – Begs for More
Jeff Hoffert
Patti Lewis – Patti Melt
Marianne Mahn - #1 in the Bush
Todd McBride – Best Bikin Buddy (B3) – he was sporting a brand new Carbon Fiber Trek.
Mo Percy
Lisa Petty
Sharon Prochazka
Robert Renke
Rob Robertson – Top Rookie
Ken Schuster
Kevin Smit – GOG (Glistening Older Gentleman)
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa (for putting up with GOG all these years)
Sarah Tacker – Foot Loose

New to the group:
Avril Young
Jessica Kenny – another Triassholette

Arriving Late:
Steve Cope – Capn Carbon, Chiwawa, angry Chipmunk, the gnat
Steve thought the rides were still starting at 8 am. He must be too busy to read the emails and the blog, or to check his facebook page for the TNR event notifications.

The groups left the parking lot by carefully merging onto the busy Cary Parkway. Those considering the 60 miles left in the lead group, followed by those expecting to complete 52 led by Mother Theresa, followed by the 42 mile group co-led by ‘GO GO GO Girl” and GOG.

The pace on Cary Parkway was much more in control with the groups all remaining within eye sight of one another. Clearly having Sonic Boom on a Mountain Bike, and The Green Flash missing from the days ride allowed for a more orderly group ride and exit out of Cary.

As GOG was riding near the front of the ROSES he noticed a small car pulling up next to him. “I thought you guys leave at 8 am” the voice from the cockpit shouted. It was Capn Carbon dressing in full biking apparel with a bike stuffed in the back seat area of the vehicle. “Where are you headed” he shouted.
GOG thought for a second “clearly he did not read the emails, or look at the map”. “Turn at Laura Duncan and find a place to park, then you can chase the Thorns down” GOG offered.
With that the car sped off to chase down the front to the group.

All riders made the first critical turn on the route. Already the groups were establishing their pace.
GOG was riding a pace that included individuals choosing each of the distance options. Sonic Boom, The Volcano, Avril, and Jessica all indicated they were planning to complete the 60 miles but at a relaxed pace. GOG, Beth, GO GO GO Girl, #1 in the Bush, Total Recall, Patti Melt, Foot Loose all planned to complete the 42 mile loop at a 16 mph average (with lots of stops to regroup and rest).

Those electing to complete 52 miles included Mother Theresa, Cold Blooded, and Sharon. It was later learned that Capn Carbon and Jeff also did the 52 mile route. Others may have done that distance as well just not sure who. Those completing the 62 mile loop at a fast clip included:

Super Charger, Top Rookie, B3, Robert, Rumble Strip, and many others that joined them, or formed their own 60 mile pack.

The days ride offered several spots were the riders could enjoy shade as they glided through the country side. Mother Theresa commented on the fact that Big Woods was actually enjoyable due to the shade provided along that hilly section of road. GOG worked to make friends with the two new riders. He challenged Jessica to several bouts of BANTER and she responded beautifully by giving it right back to him. The group GOG was riding with caught up with the group Mother Theresa was guiding along. It was there that Cold Blooded made some comment on GOGs biking abilities only to have him spray her from his water bottle. The banter was running rampet as GOG then turned his attention to Sonic Boom who was now riding among the ROSES. “Totally different biking experience back here with the ROSES” GOG taunted. “I am getting Culture Shock from the experience” Sonic Boom responded. Both he and The Volcano had been riding along behind the Roses chatting nonstop acting like two Sorority Girls prepping for a double date. “Tee Hee Hee”, “Giggle Giggle Giggle” was the only recognizable sounds coming from those two for several hours. At one point Kaelo “The Volcano” turned the topic onto trivia.
“Did you know that Blacksmiths have their own language?” he asked. “No” came a curious reply from Sonic Boom. “Yea it is a lot like Morris code”, “it is actually done with a hammer hitting the Anvil”, “No one can hear each other talk so they pound out the messages” Kaleo continued. “The master Smith would hold the hot iron and rotate it while all the apprentice black smiths would pound the hot metal to the beat of the master Blacksmiths rhythm he would provided as his hammer taps on the anvil” Kaleo shared. The bonding that was going on between those two riders was not to be interrupted.

The groups eventually all made the planned rest stop and mileage decision point at Wilsonville. GOG and his group rested long enough to fill water bottles, take on Gator Aid, and take a bladder break. Mother Theresa was waffling on her commitment to complete the 52 mile route. Several of those looking to do the miles were not about to push her into something she was not ready to do. GOG on the other hand reminded Mother Theresa that in less than two weeks she needs to be ready to ride 60 – 70 miles each day for 7 days as she participates in RAGBRAI. Mother Theresa succumbed to the pressure and agreed to do the extra miles. Those hoping to also ride the 52 miles were pleased with her decision.

The groups all said their goodbyes with the 52 and 62 mile riders heading out towards Big Woods and the remaining group looking to do 42 miles headed down Farrington to Martha’s Chapel.
As the 42 mile riders were in the last mile of the ride #1 in the Bush was overheating and sought the shelter of a shade tree. GOG told the other to go on and that he would share the shade with #1.
While the two rested in the shade several of the 62 and 52 milers rolled past on their last mile of the days ride. All looked in good spirits and made sure GOG and #1 were OK.

After the ride several folks gathered in Brueggers to eat, hydrate, and continue the socializing that this group truly enjoys. Later they were joined by Mother Theresa, Cold Blooded, and Sharon. Mother Theresa was spent. She Thanked Cold Blooded and Sharon for helping her limp back into the finish.

The rest of the day Mother Theresa Napped.
Great routes, great folks to ride with.

Sunday July10th

Book Ends help keep the pack together.

The days route is becoming routine for Sunday’s. It is the CSH route in reverse and allows those looking for extra miles the opportunity to join CSH as they are headed out of town as TNR are headed back in. The start time and distance and pace also allows those who want to ride and attend Church the opportunity to do so. This Sunday the pack was back at the end of the ride by 9:30 am.
Those in attendance included:

Scott Clark – Super Charger – Riding a time trial bike.
Michelle Duff – back with the group after a year – welcome back
Jessica Holland – Twin Peaks
Patti Lewis – Patti Melt – riding for the second day in a row.
Marianne Mahn - #1 in the Bush
Todd McBride – Best Bikin Buddy (B3) – sporting yet another new Trek. Yes two new bikes in two days. He decided to trade the one he rode Saturday in for a different model.
Carrie Mitran
Liz Patrin
Shawn Richardson – Killer Bee on his black and gold Fixie
Paul Schmidt
Suzy Schmidt
Kevin Smit – GOG – on his Fixie
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa
Robert Speer

New to the group:
Virginia Jo Lovvora – aka Jo – welcome to the group Jo.

Little time was spent readying the bikes as each rider was already straddling their bike as GOG gave a brief description of the days ride and asked who was planning to join CSH near the end our TNRs ride. Only Killer Bee raised his hand high.

The pack was off and headed towards the Preston Neighborhood with GOG and Killer Bee leading on their Fixed Gear bikes. GOG could see in his mirror that all riders made the transition onto High House with ease and were all in Tow. The pack swept into Preston remaining together. The pace was not slow, but the corners were not attacked allowing all to navigate together thru the turns and twist of the Preston Nieghborhood. The pack all made the short light across Davis drive and on into the round about.

It was at the turn onto High House when Killer Bee and Super Charger launched themselves into their ride. All others gathered at the light and waited for GOG and those he was riding with to join the pack.

From that point on B3 took the lead spot and GOG took the rear. Two book ends working to keep the stack of riders all in a row. It was a pretty sited to look up the road and see a well maintained pace line. B3 did a fantastic job of monitoring everyone in the line to make sure he did not set a pace that would splinter the pack. This continued all the way to the climb up to White Oak. Those arriving at the top of the hill slowed slightly allowing others to finish the climb and then fall back in line. All stopped and rested briefly just before the left turn onto Leuter Shop and the run to the Strawberry patch. Once at the Strawberry patch the group rolled on to 751 and continued to make way to Martha’s Chapel.

The group separated slightly on the run down to the lake with individuals each riding at their own pace and in some cases forming smaller packs.

The turn onto Farmington (Kevin’s Crawl) was dominated by Mother Theresa who attacked that incline much like she did on last Sunday’s ride. GOG was happy to remain the trailing book end. After the turn onto Holland Chapel (Waffle Run) Mother Theresa and those in pursuit of her did not slow. GOG found himself pausing at the turn long enough to form a splinter pack that worked together to slowly chase down the individuals being dropped by Mother Theresa and the group riding with her.

One by One the trailing pace line grew as it slowly swallowed up those individuals gapped from the lead pack. All regrouped once again and remained as a pack most of the distance to Green Level. Mother Theresa had “Burnt All her Matches” by her strong performance on Kevin’s Crawl and Waffle Run, and was falling further off the pace. B3 had dropped back to attend to her and to ensure she did not ride alone. As the riders approached Green Hope High School Road GOG asked #1 in the Bush to hold the pack up at Sears Farm before heading onto the Green Way. She did a great job of getting all to that location and finding a nice shady spot to rest until Mother Theresa and B3 could arrive. Once all back together the pack carefully made their way on to the greenway. All did a great job or riding in control and made every effort to share the multi use path. The end of the days ride had the riders navigating the bike path of Sears Farm followed by the dance onto and then across High House into the parking lot and finish at Brueggers.

30 miles at a 16+ mph average with all riders finishing as a group. The book ends did a fine job of monitoring the pack.