Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dog days of Winter

Thorns and Roses - -Abbreviated Holiday Version

Homeroom Attendance 
Mother Theresa
Love Train 
2 Saddles 
Sonic Boom 
Jim Cobb – The Rabbit – another regular member of the leadership group for the Thorns N Roses. 
Elise Cobb – Popsicle, The Beast 
+Approximately 3 of our finest cycling friends and guests. 

Approximately 12 cyclists Occupied the Brueggers Bagels parking lot ready to take flight.  One rider did not take on the typical genome structure of a Thorns and Roses participant.  This guest was in fact a dog.  I am not talking about the common expression used for some of our younger members of the Thorns and Roses, this was a bona-fide pooch by the name of Zinfindel ..I think. 

Gog and Mother Theresa were taking the beloved doggy out for a spin in the dog trailer, which was fitted to a Classic (read heavy) bike.  The crew stood around staring at this impressive rig and were eager to see the biscuit biter in action.  

Group 2 included the usual suspects wanting of 4 millimoles of lactic acid or more.  Jim Cobb commanded core leadership of this group with Steve, Dean and Sonic Boom making playful escapes.  The route was intended to be Green Level West, Luther, 751, Hume Olive, Richardson, Olive Chapel, Kelly, Old US 1, Beaver Creek to home.  However given the Holiday activities of some of the members that day, plus the eager nature of some of the riders to aerobicise...this group re-colonized into 2 different objective classes at the 751 bypass.  Group 2A took off in escape formation, led by the strong, young and vibrant Green Pants Steve, his trusty pal Dean, and Sonic Boom.  Group 2B rechartered a new course through the Lapland of Jordan Lake proper to allow for early afternoon holiday merriment.   

All riders had a great day of cycling fun, with the longest route at 46 miles, the shortest at about 20+/- with Group 2B logging something in between.   

Happy Holidays to All! 

Merry Christmas from Zin, one of the Thorns N Roses newest riders.  She traveled 23 miles miles at a comfortable 12 -13 mph average.  She hopes to join more rides with the Roses in the New Year.