Sunday, May 04, 2008

May 4th - a Rose among Thorns

Kevin and Theresa were seated at Brugers sipping coffee and enjoying a bagel when Kevin’s phone rang. It was Steve Cope calling to inform the group that Brian Farkus (who had joined the group last Sunday after a year away) was sick and could not make the days ride. Steve also went on to explain he too would not be on the days ride as he had far too much to accomplish before he left town on his fishing trip.
Fishing is soooo much like Golf. A lot of what has been written regarding the merits of golf would likely apply to fishing.
And now for a short rant about Fisherman. Do you Recall the rant about Golfers?

Fisherman find it enjoyable to sit all day long with their pole in hand.
Their eyes are forever fixed on their rod to see if it remains stiff.
They wait long hours in great anticipation for something to tug on the end of their rod forcing it to bow ever so slightly. Then with a strong jerk they spring into action pulling and tugging doing their very best to keep what is on the end from falling off.
Most accomplished fisherman know just how had to jerk their rods to land the big ones.
We believe Steve might be one of those who spend a great deal of time jerking hard on his rod only to discover it does him no good.

When Steve returns to the ride lets all treat him nice since he will likely be very frustrated and tired from all that FISHING.

OK so who is going to show up today.
Kevin and Theresa are ready to ride together and enjoy the days warm sunshine.
Just as they were preparing to assemble their bikes David Bridenbaugh rode up on his NEW BIKE. That’s right David has a NEW CARBON FRAME from Felt that he has built up with parts from several of his other bikes.
SO this is the season for new bikes.
Tracy Clanton
Theresa Smit
David Bridenbaugh
And soon John Majikes
All with new bikes.

The group was also joined on today’s ride by Tim Traviz on his Cervelo. The bike looked as new as the day he bought it. Kevin accused Tim of spending $100 to have it detailed. Tim did not dispute this claim.

The group left the parking lot with a Rose and several thorns. Theresa representing the Rose’s and Tim, David and Kevin representing the thorns (testosterone riders). The group did a great job of riding as a pack. Theresa did a great job of staying with the thorns on the flats and only falling behind slightly on the climbs. The Thorns did a good job of holding their pace allowing Theresa to draft as best she could allowing her to reach speeds of 19 miles an hour over several long stretches of the ride. The group worked well together all the way to the run towards UpChuck. On UpChuck Kevin’s momentum (created by mass and gravity) placed him for a brief period of time in the lead headed up the hill. With little effort David Bridenbaugh and Tim walked past him to easily crest the hill long before Kevin or Theresa. The group reassembled as if they were a flock of Vultures circling at the top of the hill as both Kevin and Theresa did their best to not make them wait for long. The group continued to ride well allowing for Theresa to stop once and blow her nose. She scolded the group for not taking stops as if that is an integral part of a bike ride. The Thorns did not respond as the concept of stopping is not normally a component of their rides. The Testosterone riders took a short stop Saturday so that should have met the requirement if there is one. The group rode on making the turn onto Martha Chapel and the long pull towards Lake Jordan. A left turn onto Farrington with the first left onto Holland Chapel now had the group headed home. Once at the turn by the strawberry patch the Rose was beginning to wilt. Kevin suggested that David and Tim ride on with Kevin and the Rose bringing it home for themselves. At this point the group splintered with each finishing the ride as best they could. A wonderful day of riding with little traffic, warm sun, and a Rose that Rode hard. Kevin and Theresa finished the ride with Theresa having accomplished 35 miles at 14.4 mph average. This is further and faster than the Roses typically go. Great job, only to be followed up with a full day of yard work.