Sunday, July 08, 2007

David Bridenbaugh's Nutrition Secrets

Sunday found Kevin and Theresa arrived to find John Majikas already in the parking lot.
As everyone started to unload their bikes they were joined by Tim and soon after that the group was joined by David Bridenbaugh who rode to the start on his bike. Tim and David had never met so we had a brief introduction. Kevin had decided to ride with Theresa on today’s ride. John also announced he would ride with Theresa. David and Tim were discussing their plan for the day’s ride. Kevin announced that Theresa was the day’s ride leader. The pack all took off together with Theresa at the lead. Kevin suggested that the groups do the normal route in reverse order. So on past the turn into Preston and up the hill on High House, across Davis and left after the rail road tracks bridge. This put the group going down the long hill on Old Jenks and a right onto Holt. Theresa and John fell behind slightly on the climb to Holt, with Kevin working to catch Tim and David who had slowed to wait for the others. Kevin told these two they did not need to wait since Theresa had others to ride with. Kevin and Tim and David all discussed the various routes and how to travel them in reverse order. The three continued to ride together across high way 54 then right onto Roberts road. Right onto Green Level Church, and left onto Green Level. The pace as strong but not aggressive. David made the comment that riding the route in reverse order puts the hills at the start of the ride. It is amazing how the same route can feel harder in one direction vs the other. Kevin stayed with Tim and David until the left turn a Luther. He announced that he would pull back and finish the day’s ride with Theresa who was planning to do the 32 mile route. Tim and David were discussing the idea of doing what the group Saturday had done and looked to do at least 50 miles. Kevin said great we expect a write up of what takes place on the ride. The said their farewell’s with Kevin performing a U-turn to hook up with John and Theresa. To his amazement they were only ¼ mile back riding at a strong 17 -18 mph clip.
The rest of this write up is split into 2 parts.
Kevin’s write up that covers the remaining 32 mile route that he, John and Theresa did.
David Bridenbaugh’s write-up that covers he and Tim’s ride from this point of the ride on to their finish.

First the remainder of the ride for John, Theresa, and Kevin.
Once Kevin joined John and Theresa they rode three abreast along Luther and onto the left turn of Horton Pond. Theresa was riding very well and attacked the rolling hills one after another that defined Horton Pond. Theresa commented on how much harder the route is riding in this direction. She then asked were do we go from here. Kevin explained that the next turn will take the group right onto Ferrington and then right onto Martha Chapel. “You mean we have to climb up Martha Chapel” Theresa asked. “Any time you ride away from Lake Jordan you will climb” was Kevin’s response. The group formed a draft line from that point on to protect the pace and keep each rider as fresh as possible with half the ride remaining. The group took a short stop just after the turn onto Martha Chapel in shade along side the road. Again the group formed a draft line allowing each to take short breaks from the wind and to maintain the solid pace. Right on 751 followed by a left at the strawberry patch. The pace remained solid as the pack turned left again just after Barbee Road to head towards Pisgah Church Road and ultimately Up-Chuck hill. John was riding very strong as he pulled Theresa along up and over each of the rolling hills towards the fast decent of Up-Chuck. John was the first to attack the down hill portion of Up-Chuck with Theresa fast on his wheel. Kevin slow to approach watched the two in front disappear as they swung thru the right hand curve of the steepest portion of the hill. Kevin looked down at his speedometer to see 37 mph. Up-Chuck in reverse is far easier. The climb up the back side is not a steep but is longer with little momentum remaining from previous downhill to assist with the climb. The climb is one that allows for several gear changes and opportunities to rise out of the seat as well as periods of dropped heal handlebar pulling to grind on up to the crest. Right turn onto Fire Station Church road had John once again pulling Theresa along this stretch of pavement. Once the group turned onto the long stretch the flowed past Green Hope High School Kevin took on the job of setting the pace from the front. Theresa fell in close behind to maximize the draft and John was found tight behind Theresa. This was the make-up of the small peloton as they rode along doing 21 mph on this last stretch of road prior to the final run on High House and into the finish. Theresa had a great ride. John’s ride was a great one and showed that he had grown stronger from his 100 mile ride in California. The group completed the 32 miles at a 14.2 mph average.

The following write-up was provided by David Bridenbaugh and covers the ride he and Tim completed from the corner of Luther and Green Level once Kevin pulled out of the group.

After a brief warm-up, the testosterone riders split away from the Smell the Roses group going out of Cary and eventually parted ways with Kevin, who had decided to be a Smell the Roses rider today. This left only two riders in the testosterone group today, Tim Travitz and David Bridenbaugh. Tim and I had decided to extend the normal route and add in the Big Woods loop around the backside of Jordan Lake. Given my champion’s breakfast this morning of a coke and a pop tart, I felt that I was more than adequately prepared for the extra distance. We started out at a moderate pace down Luther Road, carefully watching to see who would strike first. Once we hit Farrington Road it was down to business with a fast run up the hill to Hwy 64, over the lake, and onto Big Woods. By this point the day was heating up and my helmet was feeding a continuous drip of sweat directly into my eyes causing me to make pirate faces as I squinted to see the road ahead. We finished the loop around the lake and made a quick store stop at Lystra and Farrington. Since the calories from my Pop Tart were long gone, I searched the store for energy food. Ron Clanton swears that a fun-size Payday candy bar is the ultimate endurance athlete’s food, much better than a wussy Powerbar or Clif Bar. Seemed like a good idea to me, though I was eyeing the Zero bar too. I could tell Tim was really impressed with my nutritional acumen. Once back underway, Tim took a really strong run up Martha’s Chapel road back towards Cary. My legs were screaming as I tried to hold his wheel. Not to be outdone by Tim’s awesome display of firepower, I took my turn at the front but was soon in “a bit of a bother”. Not only had my legs given up for the day, but the high octane mixture of Coca Cola, Cherry Pop Tart, Payday, and Accelerade rolling around in me belly was quickly reintroducing itself to me taste buds. Mercifully, we turned down the pace once we passed the berry patch and rolled back into Cary down Green Level Road. I turned off at Cornerstone and once out of Tim’s sight I immediately slowed to 10 mph and quietly limped home for a recovery meal of Bugles, Zebra Cakes, and another can of Coke.

Unofficial Stats:
Ride Time - 2:39
Miles - 45.9
Post-ride Jersey Weight – 6 lbs