Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thorns in the Mist

Write up provided by Lee Duncan - Sonic Boom.

This movie would definitely get 3 out of 5 stars. It was a morning of indecision.. very foggy, dark with moments of light rain. Starting at 6 AM, the decision to ride the bicycle was overturned every 10 minutes: yes/no/yes/no/no/no/yes. Just under the buzzer I decide to get out on my bike and brave the elements. Heck 30% to 40% chance of rain was not going to scare me away. As I pulled into the Thorns and Roses clubhouse it was just as expected... The 2 gentleman before me would have had profiles that detailed:

-Enjoy engaging in activities that are slightly uncomfortable

-Love challenging convention of good judgement

-Oh and biking among friends

These 2 Desperados included Deputy Steve and Deputy Dean. Both the men were defiant against the current weather conditions - read that "in denial." But as long as I had a friend to share the miles with, I was ready to roll out. All 3 men loaded up and headed on their way to adventure. As the miles and conditions wore on the men, great stories of courage were shared.

Deputy Steve, a very young man by all accounts is an Engineer - possibly something to do with fluid. Anyway, Deputy Steve had a bright idea the day of Hurricane Irene to race the storm up the coast so he could spend some time doing solo ascents up the elevated terrain (by foot). This young man woke up at 2AM, drove 12 hours, possibly in a NASA Diaper until he approached a mountain of reasonable size in the great state of New York. Upon arrival, the Park Ranger advised him that no logical person should make such an effort given that Hurricane Irene was hot on his trail. But Deputy Steve is unlike mere logical people... He scaled the mountain doing 1,000 to 2,000 feet of trail climbing, and once at the top was rewarded with a rain storm complemented with dangerous lightening. Down he went bouldering the rocks as the deluge continued..finally making his way back to the car. A stunt self proclaimed as among the craziest ever in his life.

Deputy Dean, the second crazy man told of a story where he had wrestled with a tree branch and unfortunately was out maneuvered. The result was several leg injuries etc the day before. Even more outrageous was that Dean was a professionally trained Architect. He had been recovering from days in the rack, drafting and creating designs and structures for 12 hours in succession. Realistically an endurance event far more challenging than the Hawaiian Iron Man. Everyone was impressed.

Having adequately exchanged Bios to maintain warmth, the 3 riders cruised on-- over upchuck, New Hope Church, Pisgah Church, 751, Marthas, Farrington, Old Farrington, Stage Coach, 751 and home. Although the riding was unpleasant, the opportunity to learn about the exciting lives of our friends made for a terrific morning on the bike.

The cold and wet blue man group traveled 40 miles at a 18 mph pace.