Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools day ride with Dr. Seuss

April Fools day ride.

The band of misfits assembled at the usual spot of High House and Cary Parkway in Cary. This affords us the ability to have coffee, a bagel, and pit stop before and after the ride.

On the way to the start the Smits loaded up Carolyn Sparano’s bike, helment, shoes, water bottles, and Carolyn as they left their neighborhood. This was the first street ride for Carolyn this season. She has been running regularly and is a strong rider on the trials in Umstead park. Last mountain bike ride we saw her at the start and then again at the finish. No going slow for this gal. She and coach would be a great team on a tandem.

Once at the start we began betting who if anyone would show up. We all bet that Ernest would ride to the start and get there just as we were clipping in. (we all lost that bet – Ernest was a no show).

As the clock slowly moved the hands to indicate 8 am we figured we were the only ones riding today.
Just then Kevin spied a YELLOW THING coming down Cary Parkway towards the parking lot.

Could it be.
Are we to SEE.

Kevin was so excited he told the ladies he thought he saw COPE.
ALL held on to HOPE
that they too may See a Cope.

To our GLEE
it was HE.

The COPE had come out to play.
This is shure to be a Glorius DAY

Steve Cope has come to RIDE
and our smiles we could not HIDE.

Just as Cope entered the coffee and bagel shop Kevin spied a Pickup Truck.
WHAT THE &%*$.

This could only be.
We all waited to See

But wait we must on the pick up truck
For COACH was stuck yes stuck in his truck .
Just his LUCK to be Stuck in his Truck .

Can’t come out,
must finish the shout out
to all 5 friends he new about.

His plan was clear his plan was comprehensive
He had to include all 5 people and that was intensive.

It was a new month and his minutes renewed
so Coach had to connect to all five he new.

So the group was assembled and all would agree
Today we were all filled with glee.

Looking forward towards what the ride might be.
Tires were pumped up and so were we.

On with the helmets, sunscreen, and shoes.
On with the gloves, sunglasses, and Bottles in cages refreshments to use
Spare tubes, and pumps we hope never to use.
As we straddled the bikes all five riders eager to leave
Carolyn rode the lot practicing shifting with minimal weave.
Kevin Yelled STOP we can not Leave.
Everyone wonder what he had up his sleeve.

Remembering his old shoes that had died.
Kevin had brought his classic bike and new shoes to ride.

New shoes with cleats that would not fit
The classic peddles could not retrofit.

Kevin adjusted the peddles No tight fit making him mad.
Duct tape no was there to be had

No sharp click as there aught to be heard.
Kevin was to float on the peddles with no hope to be secured.

This prompted everyone to reveal
how glad they were to see his ordeal.

For you see a bike mechanic he is not
But for comic relief he is right on the spot.

The ride had begun in its usual way
with the group splitting up well before half way.

The gals riding smooth and steady
at the top of up chuck. For a rest they will be ready

Starting out slow and tapering is the plan
For this is the Smell The Roses Clan

They rode for 24 miles that day.
averaged 14 miles per hour their computers did say.

The guys riding strong and always on the ready.
Keeping the speed very steady.

Into the head winds on they did ride
Pushing big gears swaying the bike from side to side

Coach drafting the fat man on the down hills
only to sling shot past With Cope on his heals

Those two do like to play and attack
Leaving the fat man near a heart attack.

Huffing and Puffing this big man did ride
pushing hard to stay in his cleats and retain his pride.

No drafting did he gain from them you will agree
For their stature is much like a straw in the wind you see.

An eye of the Hurricane Steve Cope did say
as he drafted behind the big man on that windy day.

Coach did extra miles leading that day
Left at Horton’s Pond was the chosen way toady

faster and faster Coaches peddles did spin with no reprise
On straight he did continue to our surprise

We gave him, a holler, a whistle, and a shout
In the Zone he was with out a doubt

On he rode with such a conviction
He did not hear, look, just rode on in his adrenaline addiction.

Debated and debated did we
Let him go and wait to see
Chase him down and bring him back to me
Ride on as if we were three.

Coach was well on his way
and finally looked back to his dismay.

He had ridden and ridden so hard you see
He saw in the distant a lonely rider chasing him but not me.

Thirty Four miles we did see.
Thirty Four Mile for me.

Coach did more as did Cope.
Join us next ride That is our Hope.