Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day Weekend rides

Many New Faces

Saturday, June 18th

The Saturday Morning ride culminated quite well with approximately 20+/- riders meeting together in the parking lot of Brueggers.

The chore of the day was to find a route that would offer challenge, adventure, the right distance. The group stood around in deep contemplation until a man with a colored cape / jersey appeared ..whom I have been informed goes by the name Captain America.

Mr America provided an outstanding route that would take the group into new unsettled lands. We all agreed and were off.

The route out of Cary was traditional and we entered toward the historic district of Western Cary that included the Fire Station and CVS store. At the Green Level Church light, prevailing voices suggested that we continue to the corner of Upchuck Ave. As the flock rounded the corner, the riders got into formation: group A, those willfully entering Hypoxia and Group B those with good common sense.

The friends entered the 200 meter climb feeling strong and tackling the challenges put before them. The group also was very grateful to have broken the Green Flash curse with no flats (section where the Green Flash was senselessly flatted in the week prior). Up and around the corner to the holding section the group went. All made it to the top and were ready to go.

The riders continued on by signaling down Mt Pisgah/Ferrell/Lewter and culminating at the open section of 751. At this point, it was announced that there would be a "Race to the Lake". With this the lead out trains organized and everyone was ready to squander the glycogenious reserves acquired from yesterday's breakfast of Lucky Charms. The race was conducted in Lady like and Gentleman like fashion with Caption Carbon throwing down the hammer and announcing his return from Retirement with a powerful acceleration. The group caught their breath at the corner and headed to Lystra gas station for tasty treats.

After a short intermission, everyone took their seats and was ready to tackle Mr Jack Bennett. Jack Bennett in general is known as a very comfortable, stable and likable route when taken from the 15/501 side. But Jack breaks character and unleashes his fury from the Lystra entrance. The agony was very impressive, as the group dug deep to climb the long and arduous hill. It is realistic to suggest that Jack lost a few friends that day.

At the stop of 15/501 a few of our friends said adieu and went on their merry way back to the Thorns and Roses Club House. One final group remained with Captain America at the helm.

From this point on it got a little foggy and entered entirely new territory.

Available field notes detail that the group entered many scarcely used roads, crossed a huge bridge only wide enough for those on bicycle or foot to enter and at one point there may have been a unicorn. Both those facts are not easily confirmed, especially the scarcely used road portion.

The remaining group arrived back at the clubhouse at about 12 noon with 50 to 55 miles behind them with an average speed of 17 to 18 mph. Many many new faces and guests rode that day and were a wonderful addition to the group.

Fathers Day Ride

Sunday, June 19th

Another beautiful day was on tap for the Fathers Day ride. About 12 people were riding with the group with some additional attendance as a result of Special Father's Day privileges. As everyone discussed the plan of the day, Best Bikin Buddy (B3) took ownership and communicated where the members would go, the spirit of the ride and that we would be riding at a recovery pace. Everyone agreed and the group took to their bikes. Just as with the day prior, the cyclists went through Preston Passage at a "talkable" pace.

The group discussed activities of the day, yesterdays charity ride and procrastinated chores left to be completed by day end.

All was well through Carpenter Fire Station and cornering up Green Level Church. Some of the newer riders were explaining that they just got into cycling and really enjoying it, especially with the cast and characters of the Thorns and Roses.

As the group continued out to Lewter shop, some behavioral issues developed. B3 and Cobbmeister (Rabbit) in a great turn of character actually provoked county line sprints, this was a remarkable sight.

The two drifted out of the pace line and were accelerating at an estimated 22 to 27 mile per hour pace towards their goal. The move took most off guard and the dynamic duo easily secured the victory. The guests found the horseplay very entertaining to watch. After the short sprint, the group came together once again and road through the Berry Patch.

At the corner of 751, the ridding gaggle took care to negotiate the traffic and to safely enter Martha's Chapel. Heading down Martha's, everyone worked together and coalesced quite nicely at a well tempoed rhythm. Among the quiet, once again Cobbmeister and B3 emerged, looking to complete the "box set" of trophies for their mantel -- and punched it. Both victorious winning the 2 selections of the day.

With the lake portion complete, the group then entered their homeward return towards Hollands Chapel where the cyclists basked in the sun, enjoying their time with new and old friends. The cyclists road for approximately 31 miles at a 17 to 18 mph pace.