Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day weekend rides

Three days of fun on a bicycle.

Memorial Day weekend rides.

Saturday May 28th

Those in attendance included:
Sheila Augustine
Jae Brainard – Matriarch
David Bridenbaugh – Mr. Bridenbaugh
Kaleo Bullard – The Volcano
Tim Divinney – The Love Train, The Love Boat
Lee Duncan – Sonic Boom
Liz Hardy
Beth Gonzalez
Jessica Holland – Twin Peaks
Wendy Just – Just Wendy
Marianne Mahn - #1 in the Bush
Todd McBride – B3 (Best Bikin Buddy)
Joe Pitman – Immortal Man
Sharon Prochazka
Shawn Richardson – The Green Flash on his Green Road bike.
Rob Robertson – Top Rookie
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa
Christine Vitron
Matt Matthews - New to the group (Welcome)
Liz Hardy – a Thorn in ladies Lycra
Carrie Mitran - New to the group (welcome)

GOG had designed a 50 mile route that incorporated several sections known for rolling hills. He was also anxious to have the group ride on the newly opened Roberts road. His route design also subjected the riders to the gradual incline of Tingen when traveling into APEX. GOG even went a step further than normal by printing out and then handing out a cue sheet that described the roads and all turns. This cue sheet did not go into details of what the mileage would be at each turn. Response from those returning to the start after the ride indicated they all enjoyed the route as it was designed.

The Roses elected to anoint Jae as their group leader and all were happy to follow her as she took the group on a 30 -35 mile romp out to lake Jordan and back at a reasonable pace of just around 15 mph average not including stops.

Sunday May 29

Those in attendance included:

Jae Brainard – Matriarch
Josh Carter – Moving Violation – fresh off a strong finish from a resent bike Race.
Tanya Eney
Todd McBride – B3 (Best Bikin Buddy)
Ann Munn
Shawn Richardson – Killer Bee on his black and gold Fixie
Ken Schuster
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa
Tanya Eney
Jim Benell - New to the group (welcome)

The group was led by Mother Theresa and Jae Brainard who marched the pack out to Lake Jordan covering virtually the same route covered by the Roses the day before. A 30 -35 mile route at 16 mph average. Thanks Mother Theresa and Matriarch for helping lead the group.
Moving Violation and Killer Bee tode hard off the front and ended up catching CSH as that group was headed towards lake Jordan.  These two turned and chased CSH down and road additional miles with that group.  The both finished well ahead of the Thorns N Roses and completed over 40 miles in that effort.

Monday May 30th
Memorial day last minute ride .

Those in attendance included:
David Bridenbaugh – Mr. Bridenbaugh
Paul Eppers
Liz Hardy
Jeff Hoffert
Pam Hoffert - First time with the group and back on the bike after many years (Welcome)
Marianne Mahn - #1 in the Bush
Todd McBride – B3 (Best Bikin Buddy)
Mo Percy
Stephen Perey - First time riding with the group (Welcome)
Joe Pittman – Mr Immortal
Rob Robertson – Top Rookie – on his Fixie
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa
Steve Sparano – Sporadic Steve – Rarely rides with the group – first time this season.
Jennifer McDaniel - New to the group (Welcome)

Mr. Bridenbaugh had organized this day’s ride and had sent out a last minute email to challenge others to join him for a Stem-like ride. His definition of a stem ride is still much faster than most stems chose to attain. He was proudly suggesting that the group would do 35 miles at an 18 mph pace. The route he was describing was laden with many hills. After some winning from the crowed Mr. Bridenbaugh and GOG strategized how best to remove the hills near the end of the route. Mother Theresa was careful to take Note. She did this anticipating the need to alter the route for her and others in the likely event that Mr. Bridenbaugh and other stronger riders still leaned for hills at the end. This proved to be a smart move by Mother Theresa who did in fact bring a small pack of riders thru a flatter alternate for the finishing miles of the days ride.

Three solid days of riding options for all skills and levels of ability. Thank you ride leaders who helped keep and eye on those in attendance.

Those who can constantly be counted on to help Shepard the riders thru the days ride include:
Mother Theresa
Best Biking Buddy
Love Train
Just Ron
Mr. Bridendbaugh
Capn Carbon
Mr. Immortal
Top Rookie
Others have stepped in to assist on occasions to help keep the spirit of a No Drop ride group alive and well.