Sunday, April 18, 2010

More than 2 dozen Thorns and Roses

Saturday April 17th was a beautiful day to ride with 25 cyclists joining the Thorns and Roses ride.
Those in attendance included
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa
John Majikes – taking a break from his PHD studies to ride.
Ron Clanton
Tracy Clanton
Steve Cope
– Capn Carbon
Carrie Zelna – Mother Goose
Lee Duncan
Nicole Lewis
James Lavin
John Garrity
Sara Madakowski
Emil Velasquez
– welcome back to the group
Jay Branard
Shawn Richardson – The Green Flash
Lora Spell – welcome back
Wendy Dascoli – first time with the group also member of Girls in Gear
Jeff Giordano – Claim Jumper
Michelle – first time with the group
Angie – First time with the group also member of Girls in Gear
Jackie – First time with the group
Sharon Prachazka – First time with the group
Joe Pittman – Immortal man
Christy Miller – Pink Triassholette
Brad – Christy’s boy toy.

The group splintered into 3 right from the start.
Capn Carbon led the Thorns on a 50 mile ride that included Lystra.

Here is Capn’s recollection of the group and their ride.

an awesome 50 mile ride today!!! Thanks to everyone who joined us.
Very strong performance today by Carrie, Immortal Man (Joe) who won 2 of the three sprints, and Lee who opened up a can of whip as$ on everyone left standing on Capn's Graveyard. I suspect Lee has been doing some serious training and we should all be afraid when he unveils his new full carbon/Dura-Ace weapon in 2 weeks. As usual, the Green Flash was aggressive and fast and won the Durham county line sprint in a photo

Ohhh, I almost forgot the biggest news. Brad (Kristi the Pink
trias$holete's boyfriend) joined the group and rode with the Thorns.
This was only his second or third ride period and he totally dominated Christy on Cul-de-Lystra despite all the trash talking that was going on
by her! Hmmmmmm

Mother Theresa and John Majikes led the Stems on a 40+ mile ride.
Those joining them were:
And one other (Mother Theresa cant remember).

The route consisted of Ron’s Pull, Carpenter Fire station, Yates store, Okelly, 751, Stage Coach, old Farrington, Farrington – stop at gas station, Martha’s Chapel, the Straw Berry Patch, straight in on Lueter Shop, Green Level, Green Hope High School – over the rail road tracks, and back to Brueggers.
The group averaged 16 mph for the 40+ miles.

Jay Brainard led the Roses.
Those joining her were;
Ron and Tracy Clanton on their recently repaired Tandem
And one other that Mother Theresa cant remember

Kevin and Theresa were no shows. Kevin was still exhausted after his travels and could not get out of bed.

Rob Robertson reported that there were 3 riders that assembled that day.
They did the standard route out to Lake Jordan and back in time to catch the CSH group as they were leaving the city limits of Cary.