Sunday, June 08, 2008

A write-up that Ernest can deal with and Proper hand signals

Sunday June 8th.
This write up will be provided in bulleted format for the benefit of Ernest Davis who refuses to read a detailed report.

The major events of the day for the “Testosterone” riders included:

    All have been anxious for Coach to join the group rides again after missing last season.
    Coach had been seen riding with other more aggressive groups and dominating those rides as one of the stronger riders
    The speculation has been that the “Testosterone” riders are not enough of a challenge for Coach
    o All in the group figured Coach would return when he was looking for a more relaxed, social ride allowing him to have a recovery day on the bike.

  • Ernest Brings his neighbor to join the ride
    o welcome to the group Ed George

  • Others on the ride for this group were
    o Kevin Smit
    o Steve Cope
    o Doug Augustine who started with the “Smell the Roses” but jumped onto the draft line as the “Testosterone” riders finally caught and passed the “Roses” just prior to Up-Chuck.

  • The “Smell the Roses” started on time. The “Testosterone” riders waited for several minutes for Steve Cope to finish his
    o visiting
    o Organizing
    o Assembly
    o Bathroom visit
    o Changing into biking attire

  • A debate regarding proper hand signals – see attached links that describe proper hand signals for bikers in NC.
    o Kevin uses the old school Left arm signal to announce a right turn. ( this has the left arm raised wide to the left of the body parallel to the ground with the elbow bent allowing the forearm and hand to be held high into the sky for all to see).
    o Steve Cope argues that it looks like Kevin is waving at someone rather than indicating a turn
    o Steve recommends the right arm out straight to the side to indicate a right turn.
    o Kevin adjusted his signal technique to includeLeft arm out to the side, elbow bend with hand raised in the air
    § Right arm out straight pointing in the direction of the turn
    § Verbal announcement of a right turn
    § This combination left nothing in question and eliminated the confusion that Steve was having.

To learn more about the proper use of hand signals while on a Bike visit the following links.

When riding in the State of Illinois

For a moive of proper hand signals visit

When biking in Canada please visit this link to learn the proper hand signals for riding there

Canadian hand signals

Here is a synopsis of the hand signals for NC

Cyclists must signal turns
with their left hands
Signaling turns is an important part of
sharing the road. It lets others know what
you want to do. It's required any time
your move could affect another driver.
On the other hand, simply giving a signal
doesn't give you the right to turn in front
of someone. Your signal is a request, not
a demand.
You make a left turn signal by holding
your left arm out straight to the side. To
signal a right turn, hold out your left arm
with the hand pointed up. To signal a
stop, hold your left arm out with the hand
pointed down.

See full LAW as stated by NC DOT.

  • Ernest runs off the road from laughing too hard at the fond memories of Kevin’s multi-colored polka dotted Jersey and See thru Biking shorts as described by Coach.

  • Another Flat this time from Ernest

  • Ed blamed (wrongly accused) for almost giving an older gentleman a hart attack.
    o As the “Testosterone” riders went thru the tunnel under 55 on the greenway someone in the group screamed out a shrilling Banshee call from the tops of their lungs. This apparently startled an older gentleman out on a relaxing Sunday walk.

  • At the end of the ride Coach elected to do extra by turning up High House and chasing down a lone rider (female)

  • Steve Cope see’s coaches breakaway up High House and responds with his attack. (overtaking coach as coach had slowed down to visit with the young lady he had targeted for his attack of the hill).

  • Steve Cope gets a ticket from Officer Todd ( see scanned image of ticket found on the front windshield of Steve’s car).

  • The days ride covered 30 miles at and average pace of 15.8 mph including the stop to repair Ernest’s flat.

    The “Smell the Roses” Riders

  • In attendance were
    o Theresa Smit
    o Jae Brainard – new rear tire and tube
    o Shiela Augustine
    o Doug Augustine – later joining the “Testosterone” Riders.
    o Patty
    o Mary Ann

  • The following is information provided from Shiela as she reports on the days ride.
    Jae and Teresa lead the 3 new ladies (Mary Ann, Patti and Sheila )on a great ride! No issues with tires or pedals! Just the HEAT!
    Our group did 30+ miles - and all of us did UPCHUCK! We have all enjoyed this group so much!! I especially like the type of "dog" we are like in our cycling
    styles!! Bet you guys do share that info!!

  • Apparently the “Smell the Roses” riders have spent a great deal of time discussing the various qualities of Breeds of dogs and how each of the riders in the groups can be compared to a specific bread of Dog.
    o This information needs to be provided to all and not kept just amongst the “Roses”.
    o So what type of DOG are YOU.

  • The “Smell the Roses” riders completed their ride having accomplished the same mileage as the “Testosterone” riders, and within the same time.
    o As Kevin was loading up his bike at the end of the “Testosterone” ride the “Roses glided into the parking lot.