Sunday, January 23, 2011

Only the most Hardy

Saturday 1/22/2011 Bike Ride.

Those attending virtually

(They made a reservation at Briggs in anticipation of others joining them for Brunch.)
Ron Clanton - Just Ron
Tracy Clanton - Rose Peddler
Jae Brainard – Roses Matriarch who can ride with the Thorns
Mary Ann Faggan

Others showing up at Bruggers with little or no desire to ride in the cold.
Rob Robertson – Top Rookie went to Brunch
Todd McBride – Bonk Buddy, Best Biking Buddy – went to HOT Yoga
Theresa Smit – Mother Theresa – went to Brunch
Kevin Smit – GOG went to Brunch
Josh Carter – Moving Violation – went to Brunch
Chris Stark – Almost rode but made the last call to head back to bed.

The FOOLS who braved the C-O-L-D and wind
Kiki – Twinkle Toes

Lee Duncan - Sonic Boom - Sputum-Maker

It was a cold morning. Not just cold, but breezy with a gray winter sky. It felt cold, it was cold and riding a bike felt wrong on a day like this. Some Thorns and Roses were pooled at the red carpet area of Bruegger's Bagels to watch oncoming traffic. I knew there would be limited participation when Top Rookie gave the international sign for Crazy upon my approach. A few contemplative riders stood in the parking lot evaluating meteorological data. Even with Sonic Boom's jumping and yelling antics to draw participation, the "parking lot 5" turned out to be a well balanced group of individuals and declined participation. One by one they fell away, relenting to the call of a pancake breakfast that awaited them.

So Sonic Boom started to suit up for a solo mission to carry the Thorns and Roses banner and show everyone that poor judgement is something to be celebrated. That was until one brave sole ventured out into the arena. This warrior of winter showed an unrelenting spirit to bike that day-- she went by the name Kiki or Twinkle Toes. With this new formed pack, the Donner Party climbed onto their steel horses (realistically aluminum/carbon/manganese/titanium) and set off to migrate West for aerobic opportunity. As earlier stated, it was really really cold, just wanted to reinforce that.

The two peddled through Cary, through the adjoining neighborhoods and out towards Cary Park and Upchuck. One universally known trait of Kiki is that she is always optimistic and has a very positive attitude-- and if there was something that Sonic Boom wanted to achieve that was to break her spirit. Sputum Maker shouted to Twinkles "hey I have a fun hill route we can try, it will be just 25 miles or so in total, so not that far." It was important to psychologically mislead Twinkles if she was going to play along. She easily agreed with the plan and the 2 continued on their journey. First was Upchuck in all her mountain majesty; next was a long 7% grade in the back country, followed by a strategic turn to position the riders for an unrelenting series of hills. Sputum Maker knew he was doing well, because he could hear Kiki 100 yards away from the excessive lung aspiration that whistled up the mountain. Sputum knew he was getting close to observing one of the first glimpses of this perpetually positive person in an un-merry state..but it didn't happen.

Because of the continued resilience of Twinkles, Sputum had to think fast and dial in the remaining route to increase ammonia/lactate toxicity. And just like that, the two made a few quick turns and were headed for the grand finale... a 2 mile pull up a 5% grade hill. This had to do it!?! The 2 struggled up the contoured terrain and cursed the geological plates that moved the land masses in cruel formation..and just at the moment when there was almost a trace of downtrodden demeanor??-- instead a faint noise was heard that sounded like a giggle ..which developed into a laugh...ultimately culminating into a smile. Twinkles was not put down by the cold, the gray or the hills of Cary, but was actually UPLIFTED, amused, entertained--dare I say beguiled. At this moment, Sputum Maker drew the flag of defeat and the two limped back to the Thorns and Roses clubhouse feeling alive, exhilarated and ready for a pancake breakfast.

Total distance: 28 miles

Total Elevation: 2,100

Average Speed: Approx. 16 mph (the bike computers did not register Accurately do to the cold temps)

Temps at 10 am = 27 degrees.
no more needs to be said.