Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cold Play - Front Row Seats

Saturday Oct 22 nd
Yet Another great story of the adventures of the Thorns as told by Lee Duncan (Sonic Boom).

Yup, another Cold one. The Mercury logged about 42 degrees during the first few strokes of the pedal. This was a day for full frontal -- that is, keeping minimal frontal area exposed to the wind. Certainly a day that could have inspired the makers of Wind Stopper fabric.

Despite this, about 20+/- aerobic soldiers occupied the parking lot at Thorns and Roses cycling emporium. To keep cognitive frustration at bay, the decision was to maintain the familiar with the typical Cary escape: Lystra, Big Woods and Wilsonville to home. This route has something for everyone, not to mention about 2,000+ feet of total climbing.

The riders organized to their intended heart rate zone for the day and rolled out of the parking lot. Another great parade ensued out of Cary with the common discussion topic being the most substantial appendage affected by the cool weather conditions. This continued on for the first 7 miles. Right out of the Hand Book, as the light turned green at the gas station of Carpenter Firestation Hollow, the riders took flight.

More rapid than eagles the Green Flash's coursers they came, and he whistled, and shouted, and ridiculed them by name; "Now, Jim Cobb ! now, Rob Robertson ! now, Todd McBride and Love Train!

On, Don! on Dean! on, Bridenbaugh don't complain! To the top of the hill! out towards the Mall!

---Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!"---

So the group pushed it hard, until their morning pastries and abdominal stiches arrested their progress. From there on out, the soldiers rode together well until the contagion known as cellular micro trauma infected about 90% of the riders at the Lystra gas station. Their next of kin then continued on to finish the ride as a memorial.

A great ride was had by all, with the surviving Thorns completing 57 miles at a 19+/- ave speed for the day.

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